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Charity Plugathon - Forumites plug The Toy!

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  • Charity Plugathon - Forumites plug The Toy!

    This thread is for those of you who want to use The Toy this weekend, but either are unable to donate, or are too tight to donate a fiver to our Children in Need fundraiser.

    All you need to do is plug The Toy on any other forum between now & 10pm on Sunday and then place a link to that plug along with your username on that forum. Please try & keep it relevant to discussions on that forum / thread.

    So for example, if you were doing a plug on this thread on the Betfair forums and your handle was Joe Bloggs, you would post the following.

    Joe Bloggs

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      Is there anyway we can donate with moneybooker's?


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        Not sure if this is exactly a plug, although I've sung the praises of the Toy previously on this.

        I'm a member of the Betfair Feedback Community, which is a sort of invite only forum, that is not for general viewing on the internet. (hence, I can't really post a link) However, with the news of a Betdaq version of the Toy being on the way, I thought I had to post something about that. I posted the following on a thread about reasons why people bet with sites other than Betfair. The actual thread is all about using Betdaq, so seemed the place to put it. I wrote -

        By Malcolm
        19 Nov 2011 00:04

        Thought this was the right thread to put this little bit of news on.

        Some of you might have read me previously singing the praises of the (FREE) trading software AGT (A Geekís Toy) This is a great bit of kit and is used by a lot of people who trade on the Betfair markets. It also has a very good and very active forum, which I read often. Lots of people on there saying all the many reasons why they are not happy with Betfair.

        Well, many members have been asking The Geek for a long time if heís ever going to produce a version of the software which works on Betdaq. Well the news is that heís been working away on this and that a version of the Toy for use on Betdaq should be available sooner rather than later.

        Now there may not be too many traders on here, so you might think thatís not important news. However, we all know that A LOT of Betfairís customers are disenchanted with their performance and things like the Premium Charge. If they can now trade with the best software on Betdaq, then a lot of traders might jump off the Betfair ship. That will effect liquidity, as traders do put a lot of the liquidity into the markets. The one thing that has always kept Betfair in itís position as clear No. 1 in betting exchange land, is itís vastly superior liquidity. If a fair bit of that heads over to Betdaq, then maybe more people will also follow and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE Betfair might live to regret their poor customer service, unreliable website stability and their pure greed with the PC.
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          Originally posted by Almeida View Post

          Is there anyway we can donate with moneybooker's?
          No. Moneybookers won't let us accept donations.

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            Hi Geek.

            I've already posted a reply on that forum you have linked in your op with the same handle I have here. Does that count?

            For something a bit later on (today) I have posted here (same handle again):

            I'm not really a tightwad (honest), but if I could just transfer money from my Betfair account I would. I can't use a credit card online.


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              and of course on my blog


              and sorry to hear about moneybookers, but for some of us there is no other way for payments atm. ur paying options dosent letting me use even my visa card for Serbia, I dont know why


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                  I only have moneybookers and would donate in a flash, will never use paypal again so hopefully I will be able to donate by other means at some point?



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                    Double points if you plug on scumbagtraders and it stays there for more than an hour
                    Tough times don't last. Tough people do.


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                        Moneybookers here and can't use credit card or debit cards because of my location.



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                            hello I can only donate at netteler


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                              Sorry I can use only moneybookers at the moment.