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Charity Plugathon - Bloggers help raise £1000 for Children in Need.

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  • Charity Plugathon - Bloggers help raise £1000 for Children in Need.

    Charity Plugathon - Help raise £1000 for Children in Need.

    Want to help raise money for Children in Need? Read on.

    As you maybe aware, when you have a product this good at this price you don't need to advertise. It's purely the grapevine that has helped turn The Toy into the most popular trading product on Betfair today, and we couldn't have achieved that without the army of happy toy users that continually recommend the product.

    In 2009 I made a pledge to donate a % of any surplus donations to a children's charity. Well now, I'm going give the Betfair community a chance to help raise some more for charity.

    So welcome to the Geekstoy Children in Need Plugathon!

    For every blogger or site owner that participates in the Plugathon I will donate £25 to Children in Need from that pot. To qualify, you simply need to plug the following between now & 8pm Sunday…

    1. Geeks Toy Children in Need appeal & plugathon.

    2. The release of Version 1.2 Beta with Stop Loss, Dutching, Bookmaking, Multibet tool & the new In-Play interface due to be released on Monday.

    3. Let people know that the Geeks Toy for Betdaq is coming soon.

    4. A closing link to The Toy saying “Probably the best Betfair Trading Software in the world!”

    Any blogger / site owner who participates in the plugathon should post a link up on this thread to the article as both recognition of their participation, and to enable me to ascertain the final contribution to Children in Need.

    Have Fun


    What's new in version 1.2

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    Can you write out a specific paragraph that we can post in our blogs? I'd be delighted to help; will put a message on my YouTube video.

    PS I note your Carlsbergesque quote... what's the situation with that?


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      It's best that people do it in their own words. As long as it encompasses the above, it doesn't have to be massive. EG

      Geeks Toy - Children in Need

      Well it's charity fundraiser time again, and The Geek is running another fundraiser for BBC Children in Need. Some great prizes up for grabs, so well worth checking out.

      For those of you unfamiliar with Geeks Toy, it's a completely free pice of software for betting or trading on Betfair.

      Don't be fooled by the prcie though, as this baby kicks ass. The recently released 1.2 Beta now has Dutching, Bookmaking, stop loss, a multibet tool, support for Betfair video, and a new kick ass in play interface being released on Monday.

      And if that's not enough there is a Betdaq version due in the coming weeks as well.

      They also run a great trading forum too, so well worth checking out.

      Geeks Toy - Probably the best Betfair trading software in the world!

      What's new in version 1.2


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        Let's get the ball rolling:

        This links to my interview with The Geek himself, so have a butchers if you fancy reading something other than 'Made £2.34 on the LTD strategy today - thinking of upping stakes tomorrow'


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          Great Idea Sir,

          Here is my link


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            The nearest I have to a trading blog:



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              Hope this qualifies - great idea



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                My humble effort, it's part of the header - My BLOG
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                  Here's my effort:


                  Superb idea.


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                    Edges are ten-a-penny, execution is everything

                    Read My FULL-TIME Racing Traders Blog Here!!
                    T F YouTube


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                      If you want more luck... Take more chances!


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                        Good luck




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                          Well done and good luck with the fundraising!



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                            Sorry it has come so late into the weekend as I have been extremely busy what with the launch of the new Homer service but it is still within the 8pm deadline and is for a cause that I always support.

                            Best wishes for the super fundraising weekend.



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                              Out of semi-retirement to post this