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Children in Need - Total raised

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  • Children in Need - Total raised

    I still have one payment to go on this, but when that's in the total raised for Children in Need by us all should be a smidgen under £7500

    Betfair also made a small donation of £200 direct to CIN in further support of the initiative, so that makes it a smidgen under £7700.

    Darren Hall of Bet72 is still running his Free-Bet-a-thon until the 30th, at which time I will publish the final total on this thread.

    I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the appeal, with a mega thanks to Betfair whos prizes & contributions raised half of the total.

    Special thanks for the prizes to everyone else.

    I will be sorting out peoples prizes with the respective parties over the next few days, after which they should be in touch with you directly.



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    That's a good amount Geek. Thank you for organising the event and effectively donating so much of your own time and effort to the cause.

    I can only imagine the amount of administrative grief that you've quietly endured from paypal and users during this exercise!


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      Funny you should say that, as even though I've had the account for many years and used it for running an eBay business for some of those, the buggers restricted my account this week due to the number of transactions going through.

      I now have to provide them with a load of info to be able to make the bloody payment out of the account to CIN.

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        Just to let you know I have now emailed all the respective parties who offered the prizes with the various winners details.

        They should all be in touch with you directly in the coming days.

        Should they not come back to you this week, nudge me & I'll nudge them.

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          Not N I C E People them


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            Well we now have the final total, and PayPal have finally unrestricted my account. { Lucky for me I'm running this site & not Wikileaks. }


            Darren of Bet72 directly donated £255.93 from his Free Bet-a-thon, and with the £200 that Betfair donated directly, this brings the final total to just short of 8k.

            So being one to like round numbers, I've thrown in an extra few quid so the final total raised is.....



            Once again thanks to all who participated, and lets hope we can do the same again for Comic Relief in March.


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              Is it possible to donate to a cause I believe in? Say something to do with the Japanese tsunami?
              I know just how small a % of children in need donations actually make it to become aid, and I'd rather not waste my money.
              But still, I would like to donate (just not children in need) and use the tool again.


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                Geek, how about donating in our own country? In Portugal, we have also a movement similar to the red nose. Is there a way we can donate to our own domestic institutions and it can also count as a "geeks toy donation"?