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signs and signals for market movement

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  • signs and signals for market movement

    Hello traders,

    My name is Leroy, I'm new to posting, I have been trading horses for a couple months. I would say I am about breaking even.

    I tend to trade 1-2 ticks, however I have been trying to read the market and am getting better at spotting swing trades.

    My main signs, in no particular order, are:

    Weight of money
    Book %
    Trend of horse throughout the day

    Are there any other signs you professionals consider when spotting a quick scalp or a swing trade?

    Any comments would be appreciated.


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    I also use
    Charts (last traded price, moving average, volume)
    Amount matched column


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      I just look at the ladder. You can see WOM in the ladder so I turned that off. Just have Betfair's chart now.

      Compared to forex trading, having the ladder is amazing information.


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        im not a massive horse trader but WOM is still a big factor me for, also resistance price points


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          but, how?

          Hi all,
          i'm pretty new here, and i would like to know how to use the ladder and WOM display for trading.
          is there a tutorial somewhere? an informative thread? something?


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            Here is a video that i made today, i am using AGT and NT or the graphs,

            The way that i trade is to enter when the moving average is broken, usually the 200 period MA,

            on other software i use the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), which gives more 'weight' to the latest data,

            on the video the blue line represents the 200(EMA), red line is 50(EMA), green line is LTP.

            I recorded this video using Camtasia which slowed down my computer a great deal so i am only using £10 stakes.


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              a lot, very informative!


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                is last traded price same as last matched price? if not, what is the difference?