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  • When something sounds too good?

    Today I was added on Facebook by "Gus Betfair!" Apparently a very good betfair trader who is searching for trade shareholders to evade taxes in his home country France, but also premium charges.

    Now, I would never accept any deal involving access to accounts and/or money transfers from someone I did not know very well, so of course I had no intention of accepting the offer.

    He offered to trade on a betfair account of mine and take 65% commission. Effectively giving me 35% with no effort, bar putting money in the account.

    I'm 95% sure this is a scam, so please be warned if you do get an email. He also had several P/L figures in his profile pictures a long with a premium charge screenshot reading lifetime profits of £18x,000 - I had a feeling I had seen some of these screenshots elsewhere, but maybe I'm just imagining things.

    The biggest indicator was the discrepancy in the pictures, some accounts were in Euros, some in Sterling, some featured 4 figure wins, whilst some of the screenshots showed a hedging profit of like £2.50 - This does not seem liek the kind of screenshots a super trader would post (remember Heathcote?)

    I write this is a message of warning.

    If it isn't a scam, well I guess I just missed a good deal - but my gut tells me it is

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    Yeah, it has scam written all over it (I would be 99.9% sure ).

    If he’s so worried about taxes in France, why not just move to somewhere else in Europe where there are no taxes - this would seem to be easier and safer than trying to use other accounts? I thought Betfair was currently blocked in France? The premium charge bit doesn’t make sense either as, if your account is not massively in the red, he would quickly start to pay the premium charge and so need to find another account.

    It is possible to make large amounts in some events and small amounts in others - it depends on what you’re doing (for instance, an in-play trader might be a bit more inconsistent than a pre-play trader). Also, I guess if the scammer is not a scammer (he is a scammer), he may have different accounts in different currencies.


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      I believe it was same guy posting on my blog and offering his services...His comment was never approved by me, wonder why ?


      I am impressed....successful Betfair traders and still so desperate...


      and hotmail registered with name of well known professional tennis player is not a good idea LOL

      or maybe it was my life's chance to make business with one of top players ?
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        Yeah the email was another pointer which I left out in the OP


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          I had the same offer through facebook, he will be getting a wide berth


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            Definite Scam - Beware

            Gustave fernandez is a scam dont trust him with your money

            This was posted on my blog, warning me. Please don't fall for it anyone

            " i invested 5k usd with him last year till now i cant get any returns out of it and when i asked to witdraw last xmas till today keep on giving me exuses
            just be carefull out there this guy is a scammer."


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              Ahhh lol.. Had a friend request from him on FB, still pending I think. I don't know the cunt, so had never given it a second thought....

              Maybe I will compare incomes with him and offer for him to give me his account instead.....

              No longer in there, and can't search him, so maybe his account is gone?


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                It's one of those old guys from youtube advertising the 1000000000000 moneys they makes. Bull****. I got the same facebook request and the first thing I saw was an old man that promptly fired my memories from those old guys trying to scam about betfair trading and systems on youtube.


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                  hi to all scam warning

                  hi to every body in this forum
                  yes i been scmmed by GUSTAVE FERNANDEZ OR JUAN MONACO 5K USD
                  he approached me on facebook offering returns of 35% on investement now 5 month i never gat a cent return and when i asked him to witdraw the money in xmas he started to make me all kind off exuses
         is a scam and thief
                  be careful and pass it to the maximum of people possible not to fall for his scam



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                    I'm pretty sure that person was banned from here for spamming.

                    Sorry to hear about that. Does anyone have any ideas how Andrew could go about trying to get his money back? I know its notoriously difficult with internet fraud, but there must be something that can be done in such cases?
                    Tough times don't last. Tough people do.


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                      I saw the same guy offering his services on the BF General forum in the 'Trading' thread.

                      BF must have deleted it, it's gone now.


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                        If someone could somehow trick a real-name or adress out of him, I'm sure Andrew could file charges to the internet division of the French Police.

                        That's what's been done in Denmark and Norway, in similar situations.


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                          Must have paid the money to him somehow, can that be traced?
                          If you want more luck... Take more chances!


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                            Originally posted by Cran View Post
                            Must have paid the money to him somehow, can that be traced?
                            i payed him thrue western union the last i have about him is a post and telephone number 00 33 4 72 33 58 04 but when i call the person answering says wrong we dont have such person here and i cannot argue with them i just hang up



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                              If he made any claims that were untrue or broke the terms of a contract, then you might be able to get the police involved and they will be able to find out if he is at that number or not.

                              If he simply said 'I'll use your money to trade and if I make a profit you get 35%' then there's probably not a lot you can do about it except put it down to training expenses.
                              If you want more luck... Take more chances!