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greyhounds !!!!!!!

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  • greyhounds !!!!!!!

    hi, tried trading greyhounds today ?

    4.37 BELLE-VUE TRAP 3, racing post nap, 9/4 fav (the meetings banker)

    no money at all on back-side, hundreds on lay-side, drifted out to over 6.
    needless to say it came out of the traps last, and finished 10L stone last.

    (something afoot here dear watson) any thoughts

    (just because your not paranoid, doesn't mean there not out to get you)

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    badly bumped was why it came nowhere

    No idea why there was no money on the back side, was one of the other dogs price coming in fast?

    it was still 11/4 fav at SP according to RP
    If you want more luck... Take more chances!


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      hi cran, don't think there was any thing backed out of the ordinary,
      listened to comentary and it came out of traps last,

      my strategy was to get a good back price early, to lay back when backed?
      worked o.k most of the day.
      i got on trap 3 @ 4.6 and it just kept going out, with a ton of money on lay side.
      got to be easy to do (stop a dog) what do you think?


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        Yes is probably easy enough to stop a dog, but for everyone on betfair to know about it and not back it...

        Could have been some inside knowledge amongst bookmakers that it wouldn't run but probably just that the 2nd fav got backed heavily on the track (for whatever reason) and so there was no need for bookmakers transferring their liability to BF.

        There wasn't another race anywhere just before it so that wouldn't account for no money coming in.

        If you want more luck... Take more chances!


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          ye strange one, but if i had a greyhound, and nobbled it, i would certainly get stuck into the lay side !! can't do it on the track, just the way my mind works.