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  • just my experience about trading


    I also want to say a couple of words about my trading experience's,

    Firstly sorry, my english is not so good, but I hope ppl will understand.

    I'm trading at betfair for a last few year, I was also tried 100000 systems, methods and etc,
    To play with a big bets (stakes), also losed a lot like every1 else here.
    So, coz all of that I learned the most important thing, and that is, if you dont risk a large amount of money per bets, of course you cannot lose a large amounts of money.

    In the last 2 years, im betting mostly on the low liquidity to middle liquidity races (us horse, greyhounds, aus horses), and I have amazing results. believe or not now I have average around 1k eur monthly incomes with a risks (with no more then 2-10 eur stakes).

    Mostly I playing on greyhounds a few hour per day and on us or aus horse racings also a few hours per day. (my daily incomes are from 10eur to 80eur), And I didnt had a losing day a whole this year, not even 1 losing day. Last year I had a few losing days, but I was not so disciplined.

    So if some1 is satisfied with this incomes I can say for sure, it can be done with a small stakes. Just the important thing is, never be greedy, if the odds goes in the oposite direction match it fast, and take the lose like a man (no gamble and etc), you will make that money on the next race or even on that race (just wait a little).

    Why lower liquidity markets?! Coz, you can follow them from the beggining, and you can take sometime a very nice unrealistic odds.

    why lower stakes?! coz, its lower liquidity markets, lower stakes is easier matched and you risk a low money if u have a losing trade.

    From the simple logic, if we cannot know how the market will behave (so it has 50% to drift or steam, or it will stay), just do a 1 thing, if we first laying, if the odd goes where we wanted just let it go while the big money is going in, more is better (better difference is a better money for us), if the odds goes oposite match it fast (so you will lose min money), if it stay and going little up little down (a few picks) try to not lose anything, and if you will be disciplined, you just must to make profits every day.

    I know its not so big bucks for some1 from uk or some other richer country, but Im very satisfied with this incomes (in my country the average salary is about 250-300eur, so I have x3 to x4 more then that with betfair and I'm very lucky to have something like this for money making .

    And for the end, I want to ask again nicely the GT, pls if you can make the moneybookers paying option available also, or some other paying options. Im from Serbia, and I cannot register to paypal, or if its other way pls say how can I donate? I dont want to pause a charity week, and what will be when we must pay for the toy? Im not using the toy coz its free, Im using it coz its the best betfair software I ever used!


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    Great post there zasve13 :Thanks

    Very motivational post for those starting out, it proves 'it can be done' when you put the hours/effort/discipline in it and are able to stay ahead of the little 'greed' devil. :Kerching


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      here, I putted a few screenshoots " it proves 'it can be done' ", I never caption anything, but I made some sreens sometimes with some nice trades and my income for december until now, feel free to look if you want at:

      (remember, its all done with a small stakes, many small stakes)

      Just want to say, be disciplined and dont rush and dont gamble. Im a math expert, fascinated with the logic, probability, % and etc, I made over 100 systems but not even 1 can guaranted a 100% profit like the trading.

      And about the 100000 ebooks on the internet, I will say just a 1 thing " you cannot beat the odds" .
      I bought a few of ebooks too and find over 100 on the internet now for free, if some1 want I can send it, have about 100mb of ebooks.
      Its all nice, but all of them is just a begginer guides about trading and betting, the systems dosent works like they mention or they and we would be a millionaires


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        Originally posted by zasve13 View Post
        And for the end, I want to ask again nicely the GT, pls if you can make the moneybookers paying option available also, or some other paying options.

        I will ask my web genius if Moneybookers can be hooked into the donation system.

        What's new in version 1.2


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          you make 31eu using 5eu stakes?
          справка по The Geeks Toy на русском »» здеся ««


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            you make 31eu using 5eu stakes?

            He repeatedly uses those stakes turning over his money many times. When i started out trading i used to trade outsiders using £10 a click, backing only, with decent results. Keep on churning Well done zasve13


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              zasve13,really impressive.i have a question:how do you deal with the races that are starting later than they're scheduled?i found quite a few in just an begins only after the race was supposed to start and it can take 10 mins. til the market closes


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                Well for greyhounds, I dont play the races which delayed (from today for sure ), I didnt find any timer. When the timer is off thats it, next race.
                I was brave today (I dont know why, I rearly make mistakes).
                I think that was the first race at hall green, was delayed and on the number 2 outsider the odds was jumping between 7 and 5 and I managed to do a few trades and make about 10eur but then suddenlly after just 5min I think of delay and not even 10keur matched i think (not sure anymore) the market was susp and I was caught with a lay bet of 4 eur on odd 5, which meant, if the dog win I lose about 15eur, if its win win 10eur (and that was a great bet for sure), I think thats why I risked a little and I was doing a lay first coz its hard to win. But Im not a gambler and thats why the damn dog Wins ) (So coz I dont love to lose, I wil hardly play delayed races anymore , with my method I hardly have even 1eur loses.

                For US Horses, you have timers (you cannot play without timers), I use ebet usa race betting site and allhorseracing site, and for any case I finish my trades 1min before there timers is off. I didnt have any problems, but I use both sites, sometime 1 can make mistake or bad auto refresh.


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                  Tried this strategy several days ago but failed. Was backing or laying 10 dollars stakes but managed to miss ALL the price directions and got a 7 USD loss after an hour or so. Then started trading on UK horses as usual, recouped this loss on one race and earned 11 USD more.


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                    USA racing mkt's perform different to ours, the movement & 'bouncing'

                    prices come, mainly in last 1-2 mins. Loading the gate can be hectic,

                    but big variation of turnover track to track.

                    Watch it on ATR get caught on 'suspend' sometimes, should

                    average out over time to a commission only loss.