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Using GT for In Run Horse Racing

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  • Using GT for In Run Horse Racing

    I have recently been experimenting using GT grid on in running horse racing and I am interested to hear from anyone doing the same. How do you set up GT best for this application? What do you try to do (eg
    Bet/Lay,Favs,leaders,backmakers etc)? How is the success rate? Who are we up against and what are they using?
    Obviously the betfair in run delay is a major obstacle and I have tried to speed things up at my end as best as I can.
    So I would love to hear from others playing this frantic high speed game.
    BTW I operate mostly on Australian markets.
    Cheers Craigy

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    Sometimes i'm use it too in running race....i watched the odds changes between about your system?


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      On low liquidity mkt's would do better to fire in prices from the ladder,
      (set to auto centralise) as you can ask for advantageous prices & sometimes get them, but on the grid, if laying, can click onto seriously dangerous prices,
      that you would most certainly, not normally accept.

      Your ok with the few channel 4 TV races, but slow pic's on ATR & to a lesser effect on RUK leave us exposed to on track traders watching live, or on Race tech, & even behind those with SIS.

      Knowing individual horse's characteristics, is helpful ie as jockey reaches for his whip, that runners price goes out, but some are slow to respond types and are a back, not a lay.

      There's many tricks of the trade to learn, a really lengthy learning curve involved.



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        I operate mostly on australian races but i believe the delay problems are the same. I think GT is as good as any other program I have used for speed.
        I have not tried the ladder for in run as yet.


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          i think trade in running needs more preparation about how to finding drifting or steaming horses....i've watched the odds several times at in running and going to back the steaming horses at the final furlong !...the key is lay 3-4 ticks below....ex : back the steaming horse at 2.50 and lay at 2.00, and good result at mayden races (i trade at UK market(


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            Do you use to trade prices??. or to back or lay??. If I can't get greened up I sometimes wait for in-running IF the prices are close otherwise it is a no no as a favoured horse sits back for a second or so and your left with a sea of red you have to try to get out of. SIS is about the fastest medium for watching the races but there could be a few seconds delay which means the prices you see do not match what you see on the screen. really if your a trader you don't need to watch the race as you should be on the other races trading hoping to green up and go. IMO in-running is best left alone


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              Far too dangerous to go anywhere near in-running markets without a plan or a system.
              "Dobbing" is one such system that some use to identify horses that continually run in a manner where their price in-running is less than half that of their before the off price.
              There is a site on the web dedicated to finding such runners but I can't say its name for fear I would be banned off here.


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                I can't say its name for fear I would be banned off here
                The link would get removed if it was a link to something like a dodgy ebook or a subscription service.

                But if it's just a link to a site giving information about dobbing then it's probably ok. There's loads of links to football info sites in the football forum for example...

                And I don't think you'd just get banned with no warning unless you are a spam bot selling nike trainers

                If in doubt just pm The Geek or one of the wise monkeys and ask if it's ok.
                If you want more luck... Take more chances!


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                  Cheers Cran
                  Its a free website run by a true gent!


                  Hope it helps others as much as it helped me.
                  Good luck.


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                    He even has Geeks Toy Banner 1st on his links page...
                    If you want more luck... Take more chances!


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                      I use the Toyfor what i would say at least 85% for In-running, i always have a plan and all my picks are researched/form studied and i take a view on how i think it will run, held up, leading, coming from behind etc not always looking for a winner just a selection that will run well and drop in odds as i always back 1st.
                      I tend to use the ladder, with just the 1 column, that way there is less distractions, i will also have the grid open so i can if need be i can keep an eye on the odds of the other runners.
                      i would imagine the delay from Austrialia is somewhat a pain, i see that the originator trades on the aussie races, when ever i have seen them the liquidy IR is somewhat less than that of the uk, unless your on the winner or a close 2nd i'd think Inrunning would be less successful than that of the UK.
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                        I seem to be operating similar to Ron. Do a bit of form before hand,look for the one that i think will flucuate most widely.
                        Delays are a problem. Last week i was listening to the call when the caller named one "swamping them down the outside" in the last 100 metres. i looked up at my screen and there was 50-1 on offer to bet and plenty of it. Clicked for $25@ 50 waited for the delay thought I had it but must have missed by a nano second. I guess all I can do is have my end working as quickly as possible.(Thats machine and brain)


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                          What happens if when you clicked on the 50, it disappeared and went to 1.01? I will tell you, you are now requesting a bet at 1.01.

                          If you are doing in running, or any type of non confirming betting/trading, you have to use the ladder. Simple as that.


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                            I stumbled upon this a while ago,have'nt really used it yet but will look into it when i have time

                            Originally posted by KingA View Post
                            Cheers Cran
                            Its a free website run by a true gent!


                            Hope it helps others as much as it helped me.
                            Good luck.


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                              I trade the uk races in running from australia and do pretty well most of the time. If I stay disciplined and dont gamble i can pull $150-$200 a night without much trouble with $100-$200 stakes. Delay isnt a big issue as there is plenty of money to slow the erratic odds down. I find the irish races are more difficult and the delay does seem to be a problem.

                              I used to listen via radio stream to the races, and trade accordingly but I seem to get anywhere from 5-10 seconds delay on a good day. That caught me out a few times. Dont bother getting atr or ruk video if your in aus either. was way to slow and spends most of the race buffering lol.

                              I now trade the in play without and pictures or audio. After a while you will learn to read the market and see how the race is panning out by the price movements.
                              I have noticed alot of similar patterns from race to race by trading this way. might be because of less distractions. I dont attempt 5-6f races. They are an easy way to lose your stake. 2 mile+ are my preference. I generally have a look at past race history on timeform site, like how low a horse traded in their last few runs ect.

                              If you can manage to get a handle on the gambling opportunity in the in running then there is plenty to make, many times ive backed a horse at 7-8 @ $200 traded out early for a green screen of $60-$80, only to watch his odds slowly plummit to 1.01... while this is a great trade, the thought of letting $1400 go has made me take more risks and ive lost alot at times.
                              If you do go in running, right before the off tell youself how much you want from this trade. I aim for $25 a race with $200 stakes. Ive been doing it for about 12 months. I watch for about 15 secs, see what horses are being backed or running up front, back first, then lay when the price is 5-10 or so ticks lower. I then watch it for a bit and green up when i think the odds are as low as they will go, or if another horses odds are starting to come in.

                              Start with $20 and aim for $2.50 or something. Using the ladder is a must as there are plenty of holes opened up where 5-10 or more ticks difference is opened for a few seconds. The ladder lets you fill these holes. Sort the runners by price and watch for the runners drifting out and focus on the ones comming in. I gave up on the aus markets and I live there, not enough money in them to be matched. go uk for in running if you can handle late nights.