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  • Square pegs in round holes

    Hi all,

    Just been doing some reading on psychometrics (used to run learning workshops for a large insurer) and thought i'd post up a bit in case it's of any use to anyone.

    There has been masses written about trading and psychology on forums and in print and many of you have read plenty of it judging by this thread

    One of the issues that comes up is would-be traders not being able to demonstrate the 'attributes' that the author rates as most important. It irritates me when said author ignores the fact that everyone is wired up differently and preaches a 'one-size-fits-all' style to make loads of dosh just because it worked wonders for him. This is totally impossible.

    There is research that says we are pretty much set in our ways by as early as 7 years old and being aware and accepting of your personality should help you become better at whatever you do, especially a 'mental' activity like betfair trading.

    With this in mind I thought I'd invite you to take this personality test and share the results in this thread. As with all psychometric testing it should be used as a tool and is not definitive.

    From being aware of my personality I know that I find it very hard to plod along earning a small but consistant amount from every market. When I try the best i've ever managed is about 2 days before I crave more excitement and I start losing the battle against myself. This then costs money. So I adopt to a more exciting style with booms and busts. This is certainly not for everyone but I know over the weeks and months it has a positive expectation and I look forward to trading every day.

    The reason I want you all to share your results is that I have built up a picture of some of the regular posters on this forum and am intrigued to see their personality types as per the test. It is nigh on impossible to predict but for fun here are my best guesses.

    TG - Fieldmarshal (naturally!)
    Taxbreaks - Inventor
    Jibiko - Protector
    Firkinelle - Performer
    Cran - Champion
    The real moaner - Teacher
    Bazbaz - Supervisor
    Emkay - Architect
    Millionaire Fund - Mastermind
    Nigelbleddfa - Supervisor
    Knight Rider - Performer
    Quo - Promoter
    Kawa - Promoter
    Rockaren - Supervisor
    Temujin - Inventor
    Drifter - Crafter
    Leonthefixer - champion

    Happy learning!

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    inspectore at your service
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      Originally posted by kawasaki View Post
      inspectore at your service

      Excellent personality for trading consistently Kawa. I wish (from a trading perspective) that I could be more like you!


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        Champion (ENFP) was close...

        The test says I'm a Healer (INFP).

        not sure that's any help at all for trading though...
        If you want more luck... Take more chances!


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          Originally posted by Cran View Post
          Champion (ENFP) was close, but the test says I'm a Healer (INFP).

          Didn't have you down as more introvert than extrovert - explains why you have been prepared to run the naps competition for so long.

          Also being very happy in your own company is an excellent attribute to have for trading


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            INTP - Architect. I have to admit the description does sound quite like me


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              Originally posted by scratch View Post
              INTP - Architect. I have to admit the description does sound quite like me

              Perfect for designing and maintaining bots.:Kerching


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                I'm a Teacher apparently......not sure if I fit the description


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                  Came out as INTJ

                  Job suggestions - computer programmer, natural science, natural science teacher, engineering.

                  Was originally an industrial chemist by degree!!


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                    INTJ MASTERMIND

                    "Masterminds are rare, comprising no more than one to two percent of the population....."


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                      Originally posted by Desrespres View Post
                      Came out as INTJ

                      Job suggestions - computer programmer, natural science, natural science teacher, engineering.

                      Was originally an industrial chemist by degree!!
                      Originally posted by Quo View Post
                      INTJ MASTERMIND

                      "Masterminds are rare, comprising no more than one to two percent of the population....."

                      No need to be bashful mate! Masterminds are awesome at stuff like trading.

                      Everyone is 'I' for introvert so far. Wonder if that's significant for trading..........


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                        Inspector - scored highly on introvert and thinker. Sums me up well.


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                          INFJ Counselor. Funny that I was going to work in psychology and always felt it's probably more 'me' than chasing cash (not that I dont like queen heads of course )

                          I don't think its neccessary to be any particular personality type to be a good trader, obviously certain attributes are better than others to have but I think that the most important thing shared by all people who are successful at any type of activity is the ability to step out of their own way and to put their personalities aside for a while whilst focusing on that task 100%. When you're in that zone when you're totally engrossed in trading and concentrating completely then its almost like your personality has dissolved and you're able to perform at your best.

                          Maybe I'm confusing the distinction between personality and ego here a little bit but think of it like this.... Arsenal have had 3 great strikers the last 3 years, Thierry Henry was a flamboyant extrovert, Dennis Bergkamp was a calm, ice cool serious introvert and Ian Wright was a mad joker who loved attention, 3 very different people, yet bearing down on goal none of that mattered, it was just them, the ball and the goal, and they were all great at what they did.

                          I think its the same with trading, though it may be that different personality types suit different trading styles e.g. more rule orientated scientific personalities may be more occupied with making trading systems with specific rules and triggers, whereas more intuitive type people may employ a more flexible approach and go more by 'feel' instead. I scored 88% preference on the intuitive part and most of the time thats the kind of approach that works for me in my trading rather than more technical approaches favoured by others.

                          Aside from intelligence and a strong desire to do it the only other important attribute I think its important to have is the ability to take punishment while your learning and while things are going wrong and still come back for more.

                          I remember when I was learning I heard an interview with a football manager who was talking about young players trying to make it in the game and he said this which I found quite inspiring:

                          "The only advice I would give to them would be, even when you're in your darkest hour, is to never give up. Because I've seen a lot of players with talent, with intelligence, with desire, but when it doesn't come quickly they lose a little bit that psychological endurance, and for me that is the biggest thing. Because at the end of the day that is what makes the career"
                          Tough times don't last. Tough people do.


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                            ENTJ FieldMarshall


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                              ISFJ - Protector

                              The first three paragraphs of the description here:


                              says EVERYTHING about my current work situation.