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  • Thieves

    Thieves thats how someone described traders

    I asked why was he thought this, he said he backs to win he like people who lay are looking for just 1 result and a winner/loser, where as Thieves(traders) take the money and dont care who wins

    Made me smile, was having the discussion with a group of people and someone asked when was your last winner>? to which he replied about 2 weeks ago, they then asked me and i said its not about winning its about taking/making (or stealing) a profit, be it £0.01p or £100+, it was many weeks ago when i failed to this.
    I also said if were not for Traders then some of the mug punters would have either poor odds or un-matched bets.

  • #2
    Trading means trying to rob other people while they are trying to rob you.
    It is a hard business.

    (from notes.txt, from trading books)