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  • Trading greyhound markets - Video course

    I have only been trading these markets since january, so i am by no means an expert. But i thought i would show you a few strategies i use when trading the dogs.

    There will be three or four strategies i use, and at the end i will record a two hour trading session with everything included.

    I do make money from trading greyhounds (not much though), and you might be asking why i am sharing this with you ? if everyone uses these strategies they won't work right, and that is true. well firstly, i am assuming that very few people will read this, and even fewer will actually go on and try them out. And even then, statistically speaking very few will be able to turn the strategies into profit. If a particular strategy becomes saturated, then playing against it will make money. You have to adapt to changes.

    If you are new to trading greyhounds, or even trading in general, please start with £2 stakes. And remember, if you lose, it doesn't mean you can't do it. Keep at it and you will get there eventually

    Strategy 1 - Market making

    If you are new to trading these markets, then i would advise playing with this strategy for a few days, just so you learn how they move and you get a better feel for them.

    Greyhound markets are very illiquid. This means that there are many gaps in the market. Gaps to be filled.

    If you see a gap in the market, then fill it. Simples. This means that you are at the front of the queue, and you have a good chance of being matched.

    Once you have put your orders in, just sit tight and stay away from the action. This way you can take advantage of sudden spikes in the market, which happens frequently on the dogs. More often than not the price will return to around where it was before the spike, and then you take your money. This is best done in the last 20 seconds before the race starts, because people get desperate in closing their positions, and will take almost any price. You are taking advantage of their desperation. If the price continues to go against you after the spike, then it is important to cut your losses as soon as you can.

    Market making video -

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    I like the situations where there's manic matching a few ticks away from each other and you make money as fast as you can click back and lay.

    Only see this with the greyhounds with some regularity and it's truly easy money.
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      Strategy 2 - Scalping the trend reversal

      There are alot of trends in these markets. People tend to approach a dog race with a view that because there are so many swings, they will swing trade. This leads to so many problems, like predicting when a trend will begin, when it will end. Another problem is buying the top, or selling the bottom. Dog markets can turn against you very quickly, and you can sometimes find yourself chasing the price to cut your loss, but the market continues to go against you.

      These are the people you should take advantage of. Forget trying to get 10 tick swings, predicting the top and bottom of every trend. Just sit back, and wait for a trend to occur. During the trend the weight of money will generally be in the favour of the trend followers, and that is good for us, because this can change very quickly, and when it does that is when we take advantage of those who are trying to close their positions. You can see visually on the chart on The Toy when a trend starts to run out of steam, and as soon as it looks to be heading in the opposite direction then get on. Don't go for big swings when doing this, there is nothing wrong with taking a tick or two. That is the first part of the trade.

      Next, we are looking for a trend continuation. This often happens after a retracement, and this is where you get on again. While everyone else has layed (During the trend reversal) and you have already made your money from them, you are now waiting for the continuation. When the price turns for a second time, everyone will be trying to close their positions again. You get on and scalp a few ticks out of them. Simples.

      So to summarise:

      1) Wait for a trend to occur
      2) When it looks like the trend will reverse, scalp the market
      3) Wait for the continuation of the original trend
      4) Scalp the market when the continuation occurs

      The video i made isn't the best example of using this strategy, but you get the idea.

      Trend reversal scalping video -
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        Very very good! I want be like you


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          Strategy 3 - Trading illiquid markets

          Many think that because there is no money in a race, you can't trade it. I actually find races with low liquidity easier.

          There are two ways i approach these markets:

          1) Trading the spread - There are very few traders in races with low liquidity. This makes it much easier to trade the spread, because punters will just take the best available price. When using this strategy, you should make sure you have plenty of support underneath you, otherwise you will struggle to get out.

          Spread trading vid -

          2) Following the money - Large amounts of money seem to have alot more dominance in races with low liquidity. This means that money can be made by simply going with them. There is not much else to it really. Over time you will learn when the best time to get in and out is, i usually aim for 3 or 4 ticks doing this.

          Follow the money vid -
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            The vids will be ready soon ^

            They are just waiting in line . . . . .

            EDIT: Sorry about the poor quality
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              TT academy awards 2010 - best greyhounds video set of the year
              ....and the winner is ....

              Scumbag trader!!!!
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                lol !

                Cheers kawa


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                  Thanks for the vids ST.

                  A small advice to those who are just starting to trade in the greyhound markets - don't trade on sundays, the first two hours might be ok, but after that you probably will get crushed cause the market can unexpectedly turn against you.


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                    Thanks for advice RobinHood.


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                      thanks for those vids ST, i dont do dogs but found it interesting all the same.... only thing i thought was, if your stakes were much bigger than 10 - 20 quid it would be rather difficult due to the lack of money?
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                        it's good for learning about money management and discipline...

                        You may only make up to a few quid each race but you can lose £100 in seconds

                        I'm finding the horses a lot easier since I spent some time doing dogs
                        If you want more luck... Take more chances!


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                          Hi there! Sorry i am newbie, in the video you have a p/l column on both sides lay and back and it showed depends on which side you trading, how to set it up in gt please?) Thank you!