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  • Canceling unmatched bets


    I hope this is the right place to write on but anyway. So yesterday Betfair went down and they had technical dificulties for quite a while. Before the site went down I had few unmatched position open in one market. I had all of the unmatched position on "keep" so I was exposed immediately after the site came back up. Luckily market went the otherway. This got me thinking. Now I know that when I place the unmatched position on "keep" Betfair keeps them no matter what.
    My question is that how does it go in same kind of a situation If I have placed unmatched bets but placed them so that they will cancel when market goes suspended? Will all of the unmatched bets cancel automatically when the site comes back online or will I be exposed no matter what? Also any feedback and help on how not to be exposed in these situations would be greatly appreciated!

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    Does anybody complain to BF about yesterday outage? Those of you who had matched bets and could not trade out. Did BF void your bets or it is just straight gamble in situation like this? Sorry for invading your thread but I am interested to see the answer to your question as well.