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How To Handle Unexpected Massive Price Movements?

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  • How To Handle Unexpected Massive Price Movements?

    Posted this on the noob section but had no luck and i could really use some advice...

    Hi there people, im guessing this must have been answered before, but i have tried searching first and not really come up wth much. Maybe i am not not using the correct keywords or something, i donk know ...

    So... Basically the main thing that is stopping me from being profitable at the mo is this:

    A market seems all nice and stable, trading is going well and im building a nice bit of green, maybe im a bit more overexposed than i should be ( which i am also working on minimising, no need to say this!), and then out of nowhere the market just spikes massively - i.e. 3.0 to 6.0 or more, and shows no sign of correcting immediately. What is the best course of action here? Trade out for a loss asap and lose a whole weeks profits or something and just accept thats how it goes sometimes, wait it out and hope it corrects eventually - which is 50/50 whether i lose a bit less or even more, or a different option which i am not yet aware of?

    Please help!!! Any advice from people with more experience would be much appreciated. This seems like the last major obstacle i need to figure out before i will actually start making some regular and continued profit. Thanks in advance!