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  • Psychoff is back...

    Hi all,

    After a long break, I've decided to be visible again.

    In January 2010, I said goodbye with this message:

    I am not going to be a blog writer again. But I will use other social media instruments to share some results and ideas.

    Now, I've been living in UK for 2 weeks and need some friends.

    For those who dont know me well:

    I have been a soccer trader in Betfair since January 2005. I started with small amounts and I was sharing my results from my blog just for helping control myself. In 2009, I've started a 100K challenge and accomplished it in 5 months. Sharing everyday results was not only helping myself but also encouraging lots of traders. I had thousands of followers by the end of 2009. But when the profits reached to a higher level, I stopped sharing results and ideas with public to protect me and my family because I was living in a country where betfair and online betting was restricted.

    In these 6 years, I continued my trading and improved my skills especially in live soccer markets. I have been working on a bot called 'Scalpy' for 6 months now which simulates my trading in multiple markets. I am trying to improve its artificial intelligence with my experience.

    BTW, I was using xxxxxxxx xxxxx before swithing to Toy. For more than 5-6 years (I dont remember honostly), I am using the Toy. I've never tried to sell or advertise ant software, product, service (which a lot of people suspected me about) from the beginning. And I dont think I am going to do this in the future.

    Please dont hesitate to contact with me. I will share my twitter and other accounts from this thread soon.

    Best of luck,

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    Man I am so happy you are back . I was thinking you left trading or something. I didn't even know you have a blog. Your results shown in one video amazed me :Brilliant. I have some questions for you as I trade soccer for many years but still have a lot to learn. Welcome back man :Welcome.


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      Hey, what a story, we are all lucky and honoured to have someone like you here, I am fairly new in to my journey and I hope I can achieve some of what you have. Great to see you back


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        Hello I have joined since you were last active, but nice to see someone else here. I am just getting into football trading and starting to formulate a decent strategy (I think), so very glad to see a more experienced soccer trader sharing their thoughts here.


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          Welcome to the UK mate!
          I'm not sure it's the place to be right now but in the end it's not that bad. LOL
          Where are you living at the moment?
          Are you trying to settle anywhere in particular?
          If you need any help let me know. Ok?


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            Thank you very much for your positive replies guys.

            At the moment, I am living in Southampton. I couldnt setup a trading system yet. I am trying to fix Broadband and hardware issues.

            If I need any help (I am sure I will), I will notify you mate��


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              We want another challenge Mr. Psychoff evil

              1 Million maybe ?



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                Originally posted by 3virgul14 View Post
                We want another challenge Mr. Psychoff evil

                1 Million maybe ?

                I'm too old for challenges.


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                  My twitter account is: psychofftrading

                  You can follow the account to check Scalpy's latest results and more...


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                    How many of you are interested in live soccer trade here?


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                      Pretty much all I do.


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                        do you use any livestream?


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                          Who, me, I have sky sports, BT Sports etc..... problem is all the feeds run between 5 and 10 seconds or so behind betfair and the software, so no advantage there, can give a idea of things like all round team performance such as if a heavy fav is playing poop poop and the game has a 0-0 written all over it.


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                            3-4 years ago, a fast broadcast was everything and the key for success. In these 3-4 years, rules of livebetting changed quite fast. Now, lots of people have fast broadcasts. Or they are in the stadium. So having a fast broadcast isnt enough in live soccer betting now (or even in other sports). Watching the odds carefully and estimating the breaking point of the odds is crucial now.

                            The perfect example of this explanation is my newborn soccer trading bot: Scalpy. It doesnt watch the game. Just watch the odds, and decide when to back or lay. Its optimization is nearly over and in december, I will start a small challenge with a small target.

                            Best of Luck