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Score time data (and Introduction)

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  • Score time data (and Introduction)

    Hi all

    Quick intro-

    I am a user of AGT for about 6 months now, great product and a great forum. My background is finance. I've been drawn to sports trading out of academic interest, a new challenge and pocket money on weekends. It's also very rewarding versus financial markets: given the size/liquidity/age of sports markets there are still a plethora of opportunities to make abnormal returns. That's exciting.

    So far I've been really quite profitable in the pre-race horses. The ladder information-noise ratio is relatively high and spoofers are minimal vs financial markets. I have noticed that different tracks/times give totally different market climates.

    I digress-

    Could anyone give me a hand in finding a detailed football database? I've noticed a few inefficiencies IN-PLAY and would like to do some backtesting.

    I've done an extensive google, and have found some good databases but not what i need right now:

    - Historical score time data... i.e. Man U v Arsenal 1-0 15' 2-0 65' 2-1 88'
    that i can then manipulate in a spreadsheet.

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    Assume this doesn't exist then? Or have to pay?

    Any help would be v grateful


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      Hope that helps!


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        great - a really good place to start...

        couldn't find an archived set of results though? i.e. from before this season?


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          It is a bit of an awkward site to navigate, try this url, adding http:// in front;

          If you notice, the red highlighted number is the year, so change that at will. I got back to 2000


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            this was extremely helpful, thank you very much