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  • Trading results analytics tool

    Hi, Everyone

    I've been a full time sports trader for some time already (and using Geeks Toy- great tool ) and i've almost finished my sports betting/trading analytics tool.

    You can check it here:

    It currently can parse: Betfair P&L files for football, tennis, horse racing and basketball.

    We will add all the other sports very shortly after (greyhounds, golf, cricket, darts etc). And Betdaq files as well.

    There are some extra features you can check on the site itself: list of features

    The tool is free to use, you can edit data before upload (f.e if you use Betfair for matched betting and do not want those results to appear in your history). Only unique entries will be imported, so you do not have to worry for any data duplicates. You can use tag and notes features to analyze your trading or betting activities. Also there are filters by tags, teams(players), market types, date. And a lot more new features to come!

    There is also a Quick report section, it allows users to upload 1 file, check basic stats, graphs etc. You can then share this quick report with others on your blog, twitter etc.

    About privacy: you are never asked of your Betfair username. Register with any email address you want. We also do not read currency from the file automatically, you can choose one in My profile settings if you want.

    So :Welcome and I hope you will find the tool handy. I would be happy for any suggestions and/or feedback. You can post it here or via Feedback form in the site (can be viewed by authorized users)

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    great tool :Thanks


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      I get a very strange result, thinking that it gone wrong with the way it calculates the currency (DKK) - otherwise, I am very rich without I know it:-)

      Best regards


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        502 Bad Gateway



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          It could be caused by decimal separator i guess, could you, please, send any value from the file via PM?

          Should work fine with Euro, GBP. Will check all other currencies.


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            Originally posted by geoff View Post
            502 Bad Gateway

            Could happen on larger files, did you try to upload 3 months of data?


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              Originally posted by MyBetLog View Post
              Could happen on larger files, did you try to upload 3 months of data?
              Yes 256 KB (262,144 bytes)


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                You can download 2 files from Betfair (just split the period in half) for now if you didn't manage to upload the big one (dates can overlap a bit, so you know that 100% all markets were imported, they wont duplicate).


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                  not to worry, I uploaded just this month's and all was good.


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                    Hi M,

                    probably ok for a computer expert, but the instructions are too "light" for a computer illiterate like myself,

                    chees, MC


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                      It's just the opposite, made as simple as possible.

                      I'll create a video tomorrow about how to download Betfair spreadsheets and how to use the tool.

                      Meanwhile try:

                      1. Download your Betfair betting proft&loss file from Betfair

                      Log in to your Betfair account and go to My Account -> Betting Profit & Loss section. Select time period for your file (Betfair offers file for 3 months max) and press on "Download to Spreadsheet" located to the right from date input fields.

                      2. You will have an excel file on your computer, go to Mybetlog, log in, select upload and upload the file. Press "Save". That's it.


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                        Thanks M,

                        that's exactly what I did (at least I think so) but when I tried to upload the excel file from desktop I got an error message. I'm sure it's something I've done wrong, I'll give it another go tomorrow,

                        cheers, MC


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                          There might be 3 ways to get an error:

                          1) uploading a type of sport which is not in the list (tennis, football, horse racing, basketball or a bet history file -not the Profit and loss one)

                          2) trying to upload the same file again (it happens when users upload file, but do not press Save). those uploads show in gray color under My uploads, just press edit-> save and it will show up

                          3) larger files could get timeout error (not always), we will fix this asap.


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                            We now added support for data from following Betfair files:

                            Greyhound racing
                            Horse racing

                            For new features follow us on Twitter @mybetlog or blog

                            I will post some tips on blog on how to make use tags, f.e., to later filter your Betfair trading results for tennis ATP/WTA, different courts (clay, grass, indoors, outdoors etc).

                            After adding Betdaq support, we will go through and improve reports for each type of sport individually, f.e. market merge function for football. So any feedback is more than welcome


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                              We have fixed both- currency and 502 gateway error bugs.

                              Also, you need Betfair in English-UK before you download the spreadsheet, you can switch language easily at the top of the main page.