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HTC Desire HD or iPhone 4?

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  • HTC Desire HD or iPhone 4?

    Im wanting a new smart phone, currently got a blackberry torch but wanting to switch to either of the above mentioned. Blackberry is pretty poor for apps and i believe the above 2 have good betting apps?

    Anybody got any advice? which is best for betting and why?


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    Android is better... because it's not an iPhone...
    If you want more luck... Take more chances!


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      As an HTC owner/user i would side with Andriod.


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        what about the samsung galaxy s2? this looks a lot better on specs than htc


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          Originally posted by Sports_Trader View Post
          what about the samsung galaxy s2? this looks a lot better on specs than htc
          Sansung Galaxy s2 is definitely a better handset than both the htc desire hd and the iphone 4. I have an Iphone 4s which I find to be fantastic but have had a galaxy s2 in the past and that is also a great smartphone. Just comes down to which operating system you prefer? If you're an app whore then Apples app store has many many more apps??


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            So would you rather the s2 over the iphone 4? but you would rather the iphone 4s over the s2?

            I have down to the iphone 4 and the s2 now. I think the iphone 4s is a little too expensive to be honest, and i would never use the siri on it.

            Mainly il be using it for back up internet connection, and a few sports apps such as live scores i think.

            My friend has an s2, but he recommends me getting an iphone any day other it! So im really torn between the 2


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              Do the other phones let you use the phone as a 3G dongle? They didn't use to and that is why I went for the HTC Desire HD. You could use it for 'teethering' which basically means you turned the internet connection on the phone on then selected the wifi hotspot app that was built in and it becomes a wifi hotspot letting you connected to the internet on your laptop via your mobile.

              Ideal for a trading back up.

              Double check you can do that on the others if you plan to use that feature.


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                I assume they would, especially the galaxy s2 as this is the most high spec phone on the market.

                Ive been put off the desire hd because i believe there were many customers complaining on watchdog about them, always breaking and when they sent them away to get fixed they was coming back still broken.


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                  I have an s2 and have no issues. I personally have no interest in iPhones. Been there done that.
                  As far as I am concerned, Android is more user friends, more customisable, better interactively, gives wider choice, etc etc etc.

                  iPhones are tough though. I remember one night in the dunnies at the strippers was checking my phone. Dropped it straight in the urinal. Of course, I fished it out, and ran to the taps to wash it off under full cold water til it was clean. Good as gold.
                  Apart from that though, Android for mine wins hands down.

                  Galaxy is my phone of choice.


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                    Originally posted by Temujin View Post

                    Galaxy is my phone of choice.
                    Try not to drop that one down the loo temujin, but if you do make sure it's your phone you fish out and not someone's galaxy chocolate bar.


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                      I have an Iphone 4.Really like it and use the ibetmate appp when away form computer and in the logmein app which is usefull

                      If i was going to get a new phone would probably get the samsung galaxy,The screen is massive