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    Originally posted by PesceLesso View Post
    In spite of my best will I've been forced to delete the file from due to possible copyright "rights" infringements. And guess what... related precisely to the tunes/songs contained in my edited version... damn...

    no big deal. I've another version with no soundtrack whatsoever (anyone will be able to run it with any favorite background music...), but I'm currently on another business trip and Im accessing the web via the Vodafone dongle or the Hotel's WiFi, both excruciatingly slow if one has to upload over 250MB of stuff.

    So anyone interested will have to wait till I'm back to broadband cable connection (most likely end of next week).

    sorry for the unconvenience (dont I start to sound like bloody BF during an outage? )...
    Fortunately i've downloaded it before it was deleted. Tank you man. Not money and ticks, but I may find some correlation after all hes doing it without them
    The odds of succes dramaticly improve with each attempt