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    Removal of pictures( 26th April - 1.48pm)

    Tradepedia would like to apologise for the for the sudden removal of all the chapter pictures on its site. Having exceeded bandwidth usage on our photo hosting company we have had our account frozen until the 14th of May at the earliest. Any further updates to this situation will of course be posted here asap.


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      Sectional Updates(1st June - 3.51pm)
      Tradepedia has just finishing updating its categories. Latest entries include xenomorphs complete Toy manual in Pdf format, TG's Five fatal flaws of trading and todays BTFON thread by Chris. Thanks to them and all those who initiated and participated in these and other threads.


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        England out of the World Cup - (29th June - 4.56pm)

        Following Englands pitiful performance against Germany in the last 16 of the World Cup at the weekend Tradepedia would like to announce it is transferring its support this week to Andy Murray in the mens singles at Wimbledon. link
        Any future support of the England football team will under the strict proviso the players know how to pass, defend and score. We are sure when this will be but we will keep you updated.


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          Site maintnance - (29th August 2010)
          Tradepedia will be undergoing necessary site maintenance this evening. We expect this to be completed by 9pm.

          Apologies for any inconvenience


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            Site Maintenance (23rd September 12.36pm)
            Tradepedia will be undertaking necessary site maintenace in the next hour. Some links will temporarily not work during that time.

            Apologies for the inconvenience


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              Sectional Updates (26th Sept 2.02pm)

              These have now be completed. Thread highlights this month include Quo's apps for BF Computer love - software, Tomas's greyhound vid Comradery - greyhounds and Chuck's racing vid Comradery - horse racing. Thankyou to them and all other thread contributors :Thumbs


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                Thumbs up for this thread, really found it useful, real gems here!


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                  Sectional Updates(28th January 2011 4.0
                  Tradepedia has completed updates to all its sections. Notable new inclusions are Mikeyb videos , new strategies & discussion, joke of the day & the disco (see here)

                  Tradepedias sister encloypedia The T.I.A Files have also been updated

                  Thankyou to all contributions

                  If i have missed out any freds that anyone feels worthy of inclusion please PM me the link so the Tradepedia panel and myself can review it.
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                    Tradepedia is brilliant and you and your "panel" have done a colossal amount of work. Thanks.

                    Worth a good look if only for this



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                      Sectional Updates(23rd June 2013)

                      These have now finally been completed with some minor changes to the structure of the "awareness" section.

                      We can also unveil two new categories "Classic Forum Debates" and Classic Forum Posts. Some freds/posts have been already added , others are currently under review by the panel.


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                        Such an awesome thread, thanks for all the work!