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  • pre-race trading

    Hi Im Sean,new to trading and the geeks toy,today my first full today.
    I dont undestand most of the toy but since I only trade pre-race(have let one or two go inplay today)
    what do I need to know?
    I just look at the market for a minute or two and the chart and then back or lay the top few in the market trying to make a small profit. only using 20euro as the stake trying to make €1/€2 per race.
    Was just wondering if any experienced traders had any advice or suggestions to set me on my way?
    any replies much appreciated.thanks

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    Hi and welcome

    I am not a PRO but i would like to say that pre-race trading using The Toy or any other appz is not so different. I mean its still same markets, same patterns etc...The BIG difference is SPEED, TT is fastest av all available trading applications.

    You should be familiar with all available options in The Toy, so have a look and read manual, you can also click "?", which is there for you in every single window and explains all you need.

    Enjoy and good luck


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        What's new in version 1.2


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          do your homework, please


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            You say you are pre-race trading; but let one or two go in-play.
            Whatever you do, don't let your trade go in-play, you will certainly get your fingers burnt.
            The first objective is to preserve your Capital - don't let trades run away from you in the hope that the price will come back- cut a losing position quick, you can always enter the market again.
            Discipline is the key to being successful.
            The only successful formula for profitable trading is Practice...Practice...Practice.
            It will almost certainly take you quite a long time before you get a feel for likely price movements in a market- there are no short cuts.
            Good luck


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              check the video club also, please


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                cheers lads,ye no more letting it go inplay,already got the fingers burnt old geezer lesson learnt!
                going to trade on my days off and set realistic objectives for each race,ie.not lose my bollox