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  • Morning bets

    Hi all. I feel like I am wasting my Geekstoy purchase trying to figure this out so I'd be grateful if someone can show me if this is possible......

    I plan on setting bets on numerous different horse races in the morning before work that will automatically cash out / trigger a stop loss if the price moves a certain number of ticks either way. Hopefully i'll come home from work each day an find i'm a squillionaire when I check my bets!

    I'm guessing other people do similar but I cant figure out how to do it with Geekstoy.

    I've been messing about on training mode, but problems so far i've encountered are not opening multiple races at once.

    When a bet is placed and I change race on screen I can no longer find the previous bet.

    No tally of profit and loss amongst all bets for the day.

    No indication whether the bets have won or lost.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


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    thats what you're betfair account is for!