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    New around here. I come from a matched betting and arb background so I have the basic understandings of the exchange. I was reading some newbie friendly tutorials about laying the draw in football matches, and this made sense to me, and being that most games don't end 0-0 the stats are in our favour. It also makes sense that I'm just waiting for a goal so to speak. I've done quite well out of this, I'm only making small trades and mostly come out of a profit £2 or so most games (I'm not chasing big money, I'm just trying to chase stable profit)

    However, what I don't understand is the guys trading pre-horse race. What are you actually looking for? obviously I know a change in the odds, but is there something I am missing here or are these just guesses? I can't for the life of me work out why you guys are clicking certain odds, whats making you click them?

    Sorry, I understand this is a newbie questions. I see lots of videos where people are just clicking stuff, but they never say why they are clicking.