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  • Requesting a refund

    I tried Geekstoy out in March but did not realize it was a recurring payment on free trial, and £20 payment was automatically taken the other day.

    I have cancelled the recurring payment but can you advise on getting a refund as I have not logged into or used Geeks Toy since March. Mainly because I could not get to grips with it. I emailed yesterday asking for a refund but no reply as yet.

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    You paid your money so that The Toy could be used by you if you wished. That you didn't want to use it is irrelevant and, morally, I can see no reason why you should have a refund and I would not give you one if owned The Toy. I use Vonage for international calls. We often go a month without using it at all and then use it every day. Do you think we should get a refund because we stop using it for a while ?