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    how does it work to green up? set my odds but it uses all full liability on each selection?,it does not make a book am I missing something out ?

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    what I mean is how do I lay a horse @2 for £10 a horse @3.5 for £3 and so on


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      Which interface are you using to place your trade/bet? Ladder or grid?


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        just click on the race the grid comes up then click bookmakeing tool


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          Whenever I put in a lay bet it will show the amount you bet, but your balance in the top left will deduct both the lay and the liability, this is normal. Just make sure there is enough in your bal to incorporate your lay, the lay liability and the back bet.

          Obviously when you get your odds matched youll see everything go back to normal, plus whatever you managed to earn.


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            in the multi bet tool I click ditching/bookmakeing then lay and liability but it wont let me lay each horse it will lay 1st horse @2 for £10 my liability will be a £10 the 2nd horse I want to lay @3 for £4 but it wont it will use my 20 but give me a liability of 10 and the 3rd horse I want to lay @5 for £2 and so on so I can make a book but its just using my full liability ie=
            horse 1 lay @2 for 10 =10
            horse 2 lay @3 for 4 =8
            horse 3 lay @4 for 3 =9
            horse 4 lay @5 for 2 =8
            horse 5 lay @6 for 2 =10
            so ive took £21 in back bets but will only pay a max £20 back if horse 1 wins if that makes it simpler but I cant enter different stakes in the multi bet tool I can custom odds but not stakes