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Correct a mistake or cutting losses

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  • Correct a mistake or cutting losses

    I saw Caan do this in one of his videos, and Ive done something similar when i was just starting out on betfair. But when you put a back and a lay down and they lay, for example, doesnt get matched. you can cut your losses by taking whatever the odds move too, but bet a higher amount to compensate and this should dramatically help cut your losses.

    I know this works on betfair, but does it work when using the ladder?

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    anyone? really need an answer to this so I can move on, its got me scared shitless at the moment and I need this answered to have more control over what im doing/losing from now on


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      You haven't expressed yourself very well in your first post and I believe this is the reason for the lack of replies. Any strategy which can be implemented on the main Betfair site will certainly be performed more quickly and easily if you use The Toy. You must, however, have regard to the staking. Any bet placed which you feel is going to cause losses can nearly always be offset by placing a counter bet. Difficulties are met when illiquid markets prevent such a bet being placed or you find yourself staking amounts which are outside your comfort zone.


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        Originally posted by Polarbear View Post
        does it work when using the ladder?
        Yes, yes it does. Custard beat me to it.


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          The mechanics of it work, but it won't help cut your losses.

          It might work a few times, but then when it doesn't you'll get a bigger loss...

          Anything that doesn't work with even stakes won't work long term by adjusting the stakes, it's basic maths/probability.
          If you want more luck... Take more chances!