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  • How am I doing!?

    Currently I'm trading using £2-£5 stakes, making anything from 10p-£1 per race (pre race) with the average being about 25p. I cut losing trades out at a loss of 4 ticks as I feel to inexperienced to know if the price is gona come back ect. At the minute however I'm trading pretty much every race at every meeting when I have time which possibly isn't good for me but I'm just wondering how this sounds to the more experienced traders, after all you've gotta start somewhere!

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    Hi Ninjalizard, im a beginner myself and i'm pretty much trading every market to get as much experience as possible. Been going a couple of months and its been up and mostly down!

    What is helping me though is that i video every trade i do, and analyse them later. It's only now that i'm starting to notice a few things in the market, it takes time. Just when i think i'm getting somewhere i do something stupid like going in play.

    If you just pick up 1 thing a day its enough, like tonight all my losing trades were at Nottingham, purely because of the volatility i saw, and i can either stay clear of these types of markets as they don't suit my style, or i can try to adapt my style in the future. Just my experience so far.


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      Good thanks, myself?


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        Thats been by far my biggest mistake yet, going in play. If its a lay the horse wins and if its a back bet the they run at the back and stay there! sods law i guess. I was just wondering more if the risk-reward ratio sounds about right as in if im making 10p per £1 (ish) does that translate to what the big boys are making, like £1 per £10 or whatever.


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          i suspect thats not so easy to compare, as example at some point earlier i was testing system on dogs, with 2$ bets i was making two times more per bet than with 10$ bets with same system, no matter what, lol. big boys figures could be meaningles in your situation. maybe its ok to make 10% per bet in your situation, while some madafakas throw 10000$ bets in market but make 0.05% profits at the end of the day, thats may be ok too in some cases
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            Cheers kawa I sort of realised that after i posted my last reply ha, It is a generalised question I know I would unpost it if I could! lol The way im now looking at it is that im not losing money (Longterm) and actually gaining a good percentage of my small trading bank each week so not doing the worst


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              Sounds like your progressing... consistency is the absolute key when learning I believe personally. Keep at it and you'll be there in no time, defend your confidence and keep it steady! and dont go inplay!!! unless its planned before
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