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    Considering joining The Sultans Tennis coaching.

    Is this a legit service? Will it really help a newbie with trading?

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    £1000 isnt it?


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      about 500 notes


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        i dont think he is going to say .... do xyz and you will be ok. its more educating people about taking positions in a game.

        for example

        a game the other day 1.2 fav serving for 6-6 ..... price was 1.34 .... if you back him then you might win and he goes to 1.1. however the sensible trade would be to lay him in the hope he loses.He would go out to 1.8 and you can lay alot more at 1.34. If he wins its a tie break so chances are he will go to 1.3 so you trade out for a small loss. incidentally he lost and lost the game 2-0.


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          It sounds like it could be a wise investment for a trading newbie right?


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            I would say, consider to learn reading the game (tennis) and trading markets by yourself.

            There are no secrets you will get after you paid !!!

            All you get is already available for free, I mean "strategies" and secrets about how to trade sport markets on Betfair could be found online for free...

            I never understand why should some "Pro Tennis Traders" bother and give away their secret strategies for £29.90

            It's what I think.....sorry if it's not what you like to hear ......


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              I really need to find this knowledge, strategies and secrets about how to become a sport trader.

              Where can i gain and find info without giving away a huge sum of cash?

              i know the basics of betfair, i just do not understand how to spread the green over the whole market, so any result is green. In addition, i need to find out how and why the market swings, when to enter and exit, etc.

              Anyone know wishes to help, drop knowledge or train me, please get in touch.

              Desperate to learn.



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                Its been mentioned but i will try and re enforce the issue

                YOU WILL NOT find a winning strategy on the internet

                Learning to trade sports, especially tennis is not easy and i guarantee you will loose money to start with, i did and i bet (1.01) 70%+ off the people on this forum did to start with.

                My advice would be to stay away from geeks toy training module and deposit a sum of money you a very comfortable loosing into Betfair. Fake money will shroud your judgement and give you false hope.

                Allocate a proportion of your bank to each trade (can be easily done in betfair) and start trading some markets. Learning by doing it is the best way, you carnt learn to play golf by reading about it can you?!!

                You should already have a basic grasp of tennis if you are going to be trading it (i hope!) so watch a match and look for a suitable entry! You dont have to jump in as soon as you open the market, look for value and look for opportunities.

                One very clear cut market which i used to trade in the early days and still do now is the Over 2.5 goals market.

                I would wait for 10-15 mins to get a reasonable price and then back O 2.5 goals, hoping for a goal before half time or 2 and reduce my liability accordingly

                The way this market works is very easy to follow and will help you see how the markets work etc etc

                Hope this helps

                p.s stop wasting time looking for a strategy and develop your own


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                  I'll echo those comments above. And to use as an example, I'm not doing the exact same things I was a year ago even if they were profitable. Your own strategy will evolve as you learn more.