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Australian Government Reviewing In Play Gambling

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    The good news is that the in-play restriction on betting on Tests matches when they are not playing has been lifted. In other words if the teams are not playing you can go onto say betfair and back and lay away to your heart's content without having to ring BF and wait for an operator.


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      I'd like to see a button that can switch streaming off without going through settings or something similar in the future



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        Originally posted by Jacobgrin
        I heard that gambling was legalized in Japan. Is it true? As far as I know, Japanese gambling machine pachinko has been allowed before.
        I'm not sure, if Japan gambling machine is allowed now, but I thinks it's good to know that there are tax-free gambling countries as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Sweden, and United Kingdom


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          You know, interesting things are happening in other countries as well. As I read here , in 2006 the USA introduced the laws that made payments processing between its residents, gambling websites and banks unlawful. And I think, that's the real reason why they consider gambling illegal is the limitation, made by their laws. Recently I've seen many pieces of information about the legalization of gambling in some US states. So, it's about some revolutionary things to happen, IMO.