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    I've read some news that Ireland is going to put forward legislation to tax online gambling. The last articles I've found about the subject are from a couple of months ago, and they suggested that this was going to happen in August:

    Ireland's online betting tax legislation sent to president for signing, implementation by mid-year; senator warns of "online lotto junkies."

    Gaming operators can begin to apply for gaming licenses in Ireland with enforcement on a one percent tax to begin on August 1, 2015.

    As a fellow portuguese trader looking to move abroad to continue his line of work, is there someone in the forum who can give me extra insight regarding the irish law? More precisely, is there any news regarding betfair's continuity in this country after the new law is put in place?

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    Horse and greyhound racing is the most popular type of gambling in Ireland. According to their Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956, casinos are illegal in Ireland but due to loopholes, operators find their way in paving the way for private casino clubs to thrive in the country.


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      Hello! Underground casinos have always existed where it is illegal. I am for legalization - and the country is good and we are provided with quality services with any guarantees. By the way, if you need quality, then I always look for it on the casino rating. As Thomas Gobb said: The sciences are small powers; not acknowledged in any man; there are few things. It can be used as an example.
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        No regular money can ne made on casinos, just casual wins. Casinos make money, poker machines in clubs make money, bookies make money and sports betting agencies make money. They make their money from you.
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