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Crazy £5 Challenge.

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  • Crazy £5 Challenge.

    how far can £5 go?

    I've been trading a fair while and I make a decent enough living at it. Recently though I've been terribly inconsistant. Seems to be a good day followed by a bad day, still making money overall but this year has been something of struggle.

    I could probably do with a few days off and resting myself and coming back fresher, but I just get bored tbh, so instead I've withdrawn my bank bar £5.

    I'm going to see how far I can grow that fiver. I have two BF accounts so I may trade on Saturday with the other depending on how much the £5 grows tomorrow. but on quieter days I'll use the £5 bank. what will my £5 be worth this time next week?

    I will be trading everything and anything, from dogs to horses, Prerace, In Running. UK, US and Oz. abosultely anything thats available.

    Results will be posted here.

    wish me luck


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    Goood luck, Keefter,
    Will follow with interest


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      good luck keef, dont make this thread short, fingers crossed
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        28p up already! haha. hopefully I won't be posting in an hours time telling everyone i blasted my bank


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          Good luck mate.


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            lol best of luck!
            Edges are ten-a-penny, execution is everything

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              Originally posted by Keefter View Post
              wish me luck
              Will it be


              Just not too much please

              Good Luck!


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                I thought about doing something like this, but then I figured, if I am going to be sitting at my computer trading, I may as well be making a living out of it. Even if I do prove that I can grow 20 dollars into a 50k profit after 12 months, I wouldn't achieve anything other than being out of pocket and impressing a bunch of forum/blog names. (Not saying I could do that, or anything, numbers are insignificant, just the point that is relevant).. I have no interest in making an eBook or doing a course or anything, so my bank is the only thing of importance to me.

                In saying that though, we all need a break and to spice things up a bit. This may just get the juices flowing and the information flowing clearly for you and may end up doing you good.
                So, I hope you have fun and have some good stories for us... )


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                  I completely understand that point of view. I'm just bit peeved with getting bored and or frustrated and failing to get the results I should be.

                  I'm not interested in impressing anyone, I couldnt care less about that. I've attempted to do this sort thing in the past with some decent results. The point of posting it on here is two fold; firstly by comitting to posting the results I will need to be diciplined (or at least thats the theory) and secondly just to show any newbies reading this that you don't need a huge bank to succeed.


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                    Yeah sorry, my post probably came off a bit like that. I was more referring to long term challenges and my take on what would motivate me to do it than your motivations here....


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                      this is very much a short term challenge. I have a living to earn so unless I manage some sort miracle I'll be calling it quits this time next week.


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                        This is from the Yank markets last night, lost a fortune when i missed laying off a position thanks to ATR. Set backs like that I can do without.

                        I also did a handful of Oz races but it was pretty dire, had trouble getting my £2's matched would you believe! managed about 41p from those.

                        New bank £9.49
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                          Good luck mate


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                            well that was quite an interesting day. I'd forgotten entirely how much work was involved in trading with tiny stakes. I had a nice result 3 races in Musselburgh which netted me almost £9. that was just the boost I needed to build from and I went on a roll after that.

                            Towards the end of the day I began to feel a little tired and lacking concentration. Wolves begins almost straight afer the afternoon racing finishes, and regardless of the stakes I use the difference between these dusk meetings and the bread and butter afternoon stuff never fails to take me by surprise. Resulting in 2 reasonably sized losses. After a short break i returned and traded the 18.40 and got a bit of a break In running from a few which shortened very quickly in the home straight. A sure sign to take the days profity.

                            When I set out this morning to grow my £9.49 bank I never throught I'd do as well as I have if I'm honest about it. I've taken the smooth today and there will doubtless be the rough to follow at some point. As things stand though:

                            New bank: £131.02
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                              Wow! That profit from a £5 bank. That's insane.