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    Atm I trading mostly the greyhounds, and little us races over night when I'm not very tired. Using just eur2 stakes, and trying to solve my discipline problems

    I traded with eur5-20 before, but I realised that I have some problems, mostly disc and I not rarelly do bad trades coz of this, so I want to try this for a while, and it seems that the profits r very similar like before with bigger stakes, just with this small stakes I slowly realising that I almost cannot lose anything this way

    Later in this year I planning to start finally with uk horses, with small stakes also for the beginning, while I will not have descent profits, I want to reach at least my stake or double daily!

    You can follow my blog, I would appreciate any tips, advice, etc
    and would appreciate if you could add me to your blog lists if you want, thx


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      I am following you...wish you good luck and keep blogging


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        Originally posted by zasve13 View Post
        Using just eur2 stakes...
        understood, reading yr blog, that you pile up though.
        2 questions then:
        1. do you have a planned max exposure?
        2. do you increase yr liability on a winning position or do you average the entry price when the market goes against you or both?

        nice results so far anyway.
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          Finally, I started with the UK races
          Follow my Blog, and of course I would appreciate any tips, advice, etc


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            ill add it to my blogroll
            Edges are ten-a-penny, execution is everything

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              I'm back!!