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  • Blogs & Challenges - Rules

    This category is here for general discussion on blogs & for members to post links to their blogs. Other members are free to post comments, feedback & reviews on those blogs.

    Rules for External Blogs
    All relevant, genuine blogs are welcome to be posted here, subject to the following conditions.

    1. Members wishing to post links to their external blogs must either be actively promoting The Toy & the community on their blog, or have a minimum of 25 posts and be a consistent positive contributor to the community.

    2. There is nothing for sale on the blogs themselves.

    3. There are no links to, nor promotion of eBooks, trading courses, tipping services, or other similar material.

    4. Blogs with advertising banners promoting other Betfair API solutions are allowed, provided that 2 or more similar API solutions are given equal prominence in the advertising on the blog.

    5. Blogs with advertising banners for Bookmakers / Betting Exchnages / Casions etc are allowed.

    General Rules
    Users should view this category with caution. Despite what you may have been led to believe elsewhere, Trading is Gambling. Instead of gambling on the outcome of an event, you are gambling on a price moving up or down.

    We reserve the right to validate any of any material posted here or on members blogs at any time. We also reserve the right to remove content or links should we not be satisfied it is genuine.

    One final note. It takes lots of hard work to make money on Betfair, and there is no easy path to riches here. Contributors may ( or may not ) be making money from their activities, however generally those making it are experienced traders. All that said, there is some very valuable information to be had from this category that may help you on your journey, so use it wisely.
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