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  1. Market no unsuspending after a runner is removed.
  2. Grid interface pops up beside opened ladder after profile change.
  3. Staking type / amount on profile change.
  4. Markets not loading
  5. SP Bets not showing in Main Title column
  6. Incorrect Profit figures after commission
  7. Forecast Price
  8. Delay in toy placing the tick offfset in running in 1.3e
  9. Order of races
  10. Coupons In-Play In Portuguese
  11. When i open a market the geek get stuck
  12. 2 markets of the same event, after market suspended only one reopens
  13. Grid view issue
  14. Remove the time of the beginning of the event from title bar?
  15. 1.3e Bug - After a runner has been withdrawn the geek toy shows Race suspended
  16. bet action error
  17. Invalid Runner Error on Innings Runs market
  18. Sort not correct in some cases.
  19. Australian races are missing...
  20. No live video
  21. Market slow!!!
  22. Makert Suspended - BUG
  23. Exposure bug or misunderstanding of Geek Toys?
  24. dont function in play interface
  25. API Error messages (labelling of)
  26. Error in Order
  27. Yesterdays soccer matches not showing after midnight.
  28. The known issue: Changing partially matched bets to Keep/SP bets
  29. No error message when bank size exceeded
  30. No enough money on the account.
  31. Betdaq GeeksToy are not loading soccer matches.
  32. Matched bet showing zero price.
  33. Closed markets not showing a closed popup when opened.
  34. My Makets
  35. Refresh not working.
  36. Bet Match Sound not working when using P&L column.
  37. Incorrect projected SP
  38. Live Video - On Now not showing next races.
  39. Sound file issue.
  40. Prices not showing after market reopen
  41. Horse Racing Market Navigator messed up
  42. Invalid Persistance Type shows when trying to place Match Odds bet on National League