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  1. Crash Reports 1.3
  2. 1.3g training mode - Partially matched stakes not being shown properly in ladder
  3. Known performance issues Betfair API-NG vs API 6
  4. In play timer issue.
  5. Floating charts settings are not saved after exiting the program
  6. When i use grid and change profiles all the markets that were open disappear from the
  7. Minor non-runner glitch
  8. Events: Coupon VS In Play Now
  9. Saturday freeze in-running and then this a few mins later ...
  10. Impossible to load australian markets.
  11. Betfair graph
  12. Golf: missed cut golfers are not removed.
  13. GT slow and no matched bets under ladder
  14. Nothing happens when i try to make a trade
  15. Grid interface: prices constantly flashing yellow despite no bets being matched
  16. Geeks Toy Matchbook version In-Play Interface missing
  17. Freezes after some hours
  18. Window splashon problem under windows 2012 server
  19. multi bet tool ? insufficent balance everytime i place !!!!
  20. corner odds under 9
  21. Fatal Error on login attempt
  22. problem whit log in
  23. Balance
  24. Marekt Navigator problem
  25. Tennis markets not loading
  26. Big Problem with loading markets
  27. slow
  28. Bet at Zero odds?
  29. Geeks Toy for API-NG is slow due to limited API settings.
  30. alt+F4 to close markets problems
  31. Auto Centre Ladder bug
  32. Wrong Time at Coupons
  33. Bug with account balance after trading
  34. US Masters Market Making Software Hang
  35. Problems logging after some betfair updates
  36. Problems logging in since yesterday
  37. The Toy remaining frozen...
  38. Crash Bug
  39. Negative bank in training mode
  40. I recceived this crash bug
  41. When Market is suspended changing runners Name
  42. Crash Bug
  43. Crash Bug ?
  44. Still fighting with it!? Any ideas
  45. Installed Windows 10 and now Geeks Toy won't open!
  46. Crash error
  47. 14 days trial only 48 hours
  48. Error at login
  49. Betfair Live Video Issue
  50. Can not log in to Betfair using The Toy
  51. market is closed
  52. Betfair API-NG - Version 1.3o
  53. Trades not registered
  54. Grid Interface not opening correctly
  55. Geekstoy not working properly
  56. The toy on Win 10
  57. Different amounts available in geeks and betfair site and other trading software
  58. Disable Green ALL at CS grid PLEASE, PLEASE
  59. geks toy didnt work correctly
  60. OCO Betdaq version
  61. help needed.. can't scroll down below 1.10
  62. Missing markets - Football
  63. Issue with OCO
  64. Sound problem
  65. Urgente não consigo sair da aposta
  66. Market overview - runner color changes
  67. Markets are not appearing
  68. Problem with GT and Windows 10
  69. Closing markets bug
  70. differrence between betfair exchange and betfair sportsbook
  71. Geeks Toy missing data crash
  72. Hedge Problem
  73. not working after last nights betfair maintanance
  74. Geeks toy crashed
  75. Betfair Video
  76. Dangerous error geekstoy - inexplicable loss attempting to get profit in hedge
  77. Geekstoy API down ?
  78. Can't access ladder interface
  79. Preferences gone
  80. Geeks doesn't load the market list after the sign in
  81. Problems with LTP when using multibet tool
  82. Hing Ping
  83. Probs with stop loss
  84. Unable to access Australian Wallet
  85. OutOfMemory crash
  86. Lag
  87. Problem with logging in
  88. Unable to load ladders
  89. only showing 7 runners every race
  90. Graphs suddenly dissapered
  91. Problemas de Login
  92. Cant open markets
  93. Can't login from Romania
  94. The remote server returned an error (404) not found
  95. Markets not loading (Tennis, Football, Cricket)
  96. Live video not working
  97. Football FIxtures Incorrect/missing
  98. Asian Handicap
  99. Logs in and then hangs forever
  100. api lags
  101. Incorrect profit excluding comission
  102. When will work Coupons?
  103. Geeks Toy Laggy and Slow.....
  104. Major bug? Incorrect figures and more
  105. API Error? ANGX-0006
  106. Double offset hedge bet.
  107. ladder interface and right click on grid no working
  108. liabilty stake tool
  109. Geeks Toy cant load
  110. Bug - cant login