What is Matched Betting? How Can Beginners Make Profits?

Heard about matched betting but not sure what to make of it?

If you, like many others, have been wondering how matched betting works or how much profit you can possibly make through it, we have got you covered.

In this article, you will be learning everything you need to know about matched betting; what it is, how it works, how much money you can make from it and every other information you need to equip yourself with to get started.

What is Matched Betting All About? 

The fact that bookies provide users with free bets and enhanced bonuses is common knowledge. This enables them to achieve different things, such as enticing new users to subscribe and increasing their betting activities.

Matched betting is a term used to refer to the process that is involved in turning these offers and bonuses into a risk-free profit. However, turning these offers into a consistent income requires the right tools and help. This is where we come in.

It is ok to be sceptical as this might sound too good to be true, but no one has been disappointed with the effectiveness and usefulness of this so far. All you just need is time to learn how to master all the different offers and tools at the initial stage.

How Matched Betting Works 

Matched betting process is quite simple, even for anyone who has never placed a bet before. This is how Matched betting works; place two opposing bets, on the same selection, against each other – to gain a bonus at little or no cost. Once the free bet is credited, you’ll repeat the process to turn the bonus into a profitable return.

But here’s the problem... 

It is time-consuming to find bonuses, correct betting odds, or calculate returns. But you can rely on our calculator and price matcher to place a successfully matched bet as fast as possible. This is better explained in the video guidance section, and you can learn more from the community forum. 

Matched Betting Basics: Mini Guide 

While matched betting appears to be a little overwhelming initially, it is something you would get comfortable with after some times. However, it is much easier if you are already familiar with betting.

What do you need?

 See? You don’t need many things.

Matched Betting Mini-Guide:

Check the snappy info-graphic below for this...

Or you can learn more from watching this full video explanation on matched betting basics.

How Much Can You Make Matched Betting?

You must have been eagerly waiting for this part. Right! The amount of money anyone can make from matched betting has always been a topic with no end. There are lots of factors that contribute to this, and your response to them will give you the answer you need.

  • How much effort and time are you willing to invest?
  • How many bookmakers’ accounts do you have? (Won or previously lost).
  • What matched betting bank are you operating? (how willing are you to re-invest?).
  • How fast can you turnover existing winnings?

It all depends on you, but the first and third points are more important. Matched betting has been a primary source of income to some people. Based on reports from the forum, we can say it is possible to make £350 as a part-time matched bettor while die-hard matched bettors have reported making thousands of Euros. People have funded family holidays, cleared their mortgages, and bought cars from their profits. Consistency is the key to developing a healthy balance quickly.

Is Matched Betting Legit?

Matched Betting may sound too good to be true to you, but it is completely legal. Then, is it taxable? No. All you do is just place a bet, and the profits are 100% tax-free. Bookmakers may not be thrilled with people who profit from promotions, but it's absolutely legal.

Who Can Matched Bet?

Pretty everyone can matched bet, except for those who are under-age or banned by a betting firm (which is specific to a bookmaker).

The available community forums include diverse range of people who are matched betting; university students, young mothers, professionals, and some pensioners among others.

Matched Betting Software

Matched betting profit depends on how efficiently and quickly you are able to turn over these offers. You need software that will make this experience rapid and stress-free. This is something we're extremely good at.

The details of the various matched betting software, calendar, notifications, and tools are at the top of this page. Signing up today gives you instant access to everything through your personalised user dashboard.

What Does A Price Matcher Do?

Price matcher is a necessary piece of kit, and seasoned users take this seriously. Why is this? It informs you of every place you can find different bookmakers prices that are very close to or actually match up with the current exchange pricing. Huge price difference makes it harder to make your profit.

Are Calendar Notifications Really That Important?

Yes, of course. They make it easier for you to find easy-to-use and high-value offers as they are released. Another advantage of this is not losing time-sensitive offers.

Is A Calculator Required For This?

Matched Betting requires extreme carefulness to avoid errors. Working out the percentage returns on offers is something that can be done by you.

However, to make sure it is a mistake-free experience for you, we have a calendar and reliable nifty calculator that can do this for you. The calculator is linked in our software and can be used to achieve your goals in just a couple of clicks.

Is There A Support System Available?

Yes, there is. With each of these items above, you have a useful community forum and a customer support. You can learn more through this media.

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