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Looking for a reliable matched betting service? Look no further.

Last month a new matched betting service arived on the scene - its making waves and popularity is growing fast...

Here's a quick but comprehensive review of Profit Rush, exploring all it has to offer.

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Profit Rush: What & Why?

Profit Rush is a premium matched betting service for people who want to earn a sustainable income online. This is done through the use of a well-know technique, matched betting.

With the use of's matched betting software, easy-to-follow guidance (video tutorials), tools and community, it couldn't be made any easier.

The best part? It's completely free to use.

Although extremely simple in concept, matched betting can be a time-consuming process. This is why matched betting services have become so popular. However, until now, there have not been any free services with advanced tools such as price matchers, exchange integration or large lists of daily offers.

More about those in a moment.

This is why we decided to team up with Geeks Toy user, Professional Trader - Caan Berry. Between us we knew we could create a solid product.

What Does Profit Rush Include?

Although Profit Rush is still in it's infancy (2 months at the time of writing), it has already gathered remarkable traction. The reason for this is obvious; the range of useful tools it offers

To name a few:

  • Price matcher
  • Matched betting calculator (6 modes)
  • Daily offers calendar
  • Educational tutorials (video & written)
  • Supporting community forum
  • Offer vault & lists
  • Profit tracer
  • Betfair integration

You couldn't ask for much more could you?

Maybe you could, this is why it's 100% free and all users qualify for a special 0% commission deal with Betdaq's betting exchange.

We have also committed to consistently upgrading and adding new features. In the first month alone there were more than 4 major improvements, many of which were suggested by the users.

Matched Betting Guides & Tutorials

One of the first concerns for matched bettors is understanding. If you're not from a bettting background it can appear overwhelming at first.

It really doesn't have to be like this. This is why we've created an exhaustive archive of video courses, starting at the absolute basics they'll hold your hand through the matched betting experience. Once you're comfortable there is additional content to help you get advance (making more money in the process).

Also, for some of the more specific features there are written guides via the matched betting blog. They will take you through features like the 2up calculator.

Honestly, there's no reason that anybody can't get stuck in confidently - regardless of experience or skillset. The software tools take the pain out of the most difficult situations...

Matched Betting Service (Software):

Briefly, I'll explain what a few of the aforementioned features do!

Price Matcher Software

The profit rush price matcher actively scans bookmaker and exchange prices on multiple sports, events and days. After collecting the data it will display the closest price matches available within a few clicks...

By closely aligning price information you'll be able to qualify for and convert bookmakers bonuses into cash quickly. Simple, easy, effective (a bit like Geeks Toy).

Matched betting calculator (6 modes)

Another feature is the matched betting calculator. This nifty bit of kit helps the whole process along, erradicating potential mistakes and making things faster.

The Profit Rush calculator has 6 modes availalbe;

  • Normal (simple & advanced)
  • Free Bet SNR (simple & advanced)
  • Risk Free Bet Mode
  • Early Payout (aka 2up calculator)

Using the matched betting calculator in advanced mode gives you the option to place overlay or underlay matched bets!

Daily offers calendar

This one speaks for itself, matched bettors are always in need of new and relevant offers. With this particular calendar there's a massive range of new offers added every single day.

The calendar lists multiple types of free bet, be it reload, rollover, 2up, bet club or price boost.

Check out the daily calendar details on the link provided.

Educational tutorials (video & written)

We've already touched on it but there are a selection of writen matched betting guides here.

In addition, registered members can see video tutorials on a range of topics. To name a few; tools and featurs, core lessons, 3 step walk through, account validation, odds types, bet types, equipement and more...

Profit tracer

All this matched betting is great, but you need to keep track of your profitability. This is where the profit tracer comes in. Designed with simplicity in mind you are able to store you recent bets, results and track profitability.

There's a range of variables to input with each bet, such as time, bookmaker, exchange and result. Because of this, it makes filtering and analysing your progress easy at a later date.

Betfair integration

Finally I want to mention Betfair integration. Fortunately, being an official Betfair partner Profit Rush is able to let users place a bet directly into the betting exchange, from the matched betting service.

Integration links up with the price matcher and matched betting calculator to take all of the hard work away, meaning you have to select very few variables and then click 'place bet'. Profit Rush does all the rest, making sure there are no mistakes. Cool right?

Future of Profit Rush?

At this stage we're keen on developing and improving the product. Profit Rush needs to be the best matched betting service by far, this is our goal.

To that end your likely to see regular updates and improvements. We do have a support community and forum although can't offer much more than that (for the time being). Remember profit rush is 100% free to use. Therefore, the platform currently runs on limited resources.

If you're interested, please do give it a go!

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