How to Exploit 2UP Offers (Low Risk Strategy)

The betting world is full of exciting offers, but one of the most exciting of them all is the 2UP offer.

This offer can be found on Bet365 and Paddy Power and is done regularly on Football, Basketball, and the NFL.

It is an interesting offer for several reasons.

One reason is that even without investing plenty of time in it, you can enjoy healthy profits. Additionally, if you are just starting in the world of matched betting, it can give a lot of money, especially if you are fortunate. Moreover, if you have a lot of capital, the 2UP offer provides the opportunity to scale up the wins!

You will be able to lock in a profit as soon as you are paid out using a 2UP calculator.

In this post, you will find out all you need to know about 2UP offers and how profit rush's bet calculator can help you.

Basics of the 2up Offer:

First, let us consider the basics of this offer. If you are a newbie, here is an overview of how this offer works. When you place a bet on a team, if it goes two goals in front of the opponent, you are due to be paid out by the bookmaker.

Simple, right?

All you need to do is to bet on a team whose back and lay odds are very close and hope that they go two goals ahead of the opponent.

But how does an Early Payout Calculator help you? Let us see.

Early Payout Calculator

Once you are logged in, you can find the early payout calculator via the main header-bar. This is how it appears on your screen:

As you can see, it is easy to navigate and arrive at the Calculator. How can you effectively use this wonderful tool?

How to Effectively Use the Payout Calculator

The best way to help you know how to use the Payout Calculator is by using an example. Now, with different betting companies, the 2UP offer can appear as:

- An early payout when your soccer team goes 2 goals up (Bet365)

An early payout when your basketball team goes 20 points clear of their opponents (Paddy Power)

An early payout when your tennis player goes 2 sets ahead (Betway)

To help you get it better, let us use an example. In this example, we assume you bet on Chelsea football club within Bet365’s promotional 2UP offer terms. The example also assumes that Chelsea takes an early 2-goal lead over Leicester.

Before you choose a 2UP offer, ensure that you check the terms.

Now let us go!

First step

To enjoy this offer, you must first find a match that your preferred bookmaker is offering bettors early payout on. In this example, we are using Bet365 as our preferred bookmaker. While reading the terms (very important to read the terms), it is discovered that you must place a pre-match bet in the Premier League.

After reading and agreeing to the terms, we go ahead to find a game that the Bookmaker and the Betting Exchange offer similar odds. By using Betdaq's zero commission, you have nothing to forfeit. See what we have below:

As Bet365’s back bet and exchange lay bet are equal, and Betdaq is with zero commission, there is no qualifying loss.

Once the 2UP happens, early payout occurs, and we can finally begin to enjoy some profit! 

Step 2:

Remember, when we used the early payout calculator, we did it without activating ‘has the bookmaker paid out.'

Now that Chelsea has gone 2 goals ahead of Leicester, Bet365 has to pay out early. To activate this early payout, we click ‘Yes’.

After activation, you can input the current exchange odds. The calculator will show you the extra back stake to place so that you can get a profit.

Third Step

By placing an additional back bet at current exchange odds, we can achieve a sweet profit. In our example, this means £192.31 at 1.3. By placing this bet, we have cancelled out the original liability and hedged profit against the bookmaker’s 2UP payout.

Unfortunately, we discovered that some bookmakers have set a limit on this offer. Paddy Power, for example, limits the maximum payout to £2500.

Thus, when placing a bet, you have to put this into consideration. Using the Calculator can help you in doing this. All you have to do is to input the cap on the relevant calculator box and relax as the early payout calculator does the rest of the work for you.

How to Increase Profit

Although you might enjoy some success initially, it is possible to enjoy even more profits. How? Let us show you.

When the team you bet on goes 2 goals early (Our example is Chelsea), the profit you gain is high because the current in-play odds will be higher. If they go 2 goals up late in the game, say in the last 6 minutes, the back odds will be low.

Therefore, having low in-game odds means that profit is less guaranteed. In soccer, the final minutes are usually tense, with players prone to make mistakes; thus increasing the chances of the opposing team grabbing an equalizer. If the opposing team scores and you haven’t locked in your profit at low odds, you will be sat on a bigger win.

It is a risky decision to make. However, there is a less risky option.

You can partially cash-out the 2UP offer

By partially locking in profits once your team goes 2 goals up early, thus triggering an early payout, if the opponents score later in the game, you can enjoy a bigger profit.

There is plenty of information to take in, but do not let that deter you. Start slowly and learn the ropes, and you will be making loads of profit in no time!

Here are some tips to keep in mind:


Early goals are key

If your team races into a 2 goal lead early in the game, it is wise to get locked-in.


Take advantage of low qualifying costs

By ensuring qualifying costs are low, you will have a higher profit margin.


Remember stake limits

Some bookmakers have a cap on payout, hence do not over-expose yourself.

With these tips and the rest of this post, you have learned how to use the Early Payout Calculator to your advantage. Happy betting!

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