Betfair Trading: Simple Book for Beginners

Almost a decade ago I found my way on to the Geeks Toy Forums. It's where my journey into Betfair trading first began...

You can still see some of the old challenge threads, where I first dipped my toes in the water on £5 stakes. A sensible thing to do if you're serious about this trading lark. 

That was a long time ago now, but over the years I've noticed there was a distinct void that needed filling for newbie traders. So I've filled it, in this one simple book.

Betfair Trading Made Simple (Beginners Book):

No matter which sport you trade there's a lot to know. From how to set up your software, to what motivates market movement. So to give you a quick insight, the topics covered inside the book are shared below. If you want a deeper look, you can take a peek inside the cover on the amazon listing! Betfair Trading Made Simple

The book section titles are as per the following:

  • Luck Doesn’t Exist
  • How to Make Money in Betting
  • Basic Anatomy of a Betfair Trade
  • Edges and Advantages
  • The Glove Fits
  • Absent 50
  • Preparing to Win
  • Strategic Foundation

To summarise:

A starter book, written with aspiring traders in mind. Composed in the most straightforward conceivable manner, exploring all the most important factors before you dive in with that hard-earn't cash.

Numerous new Betfair traders start by expecting too much and too soon, just to leave two or three weeks later (disappointed). 

Inside there are clues toward successful methodology, although it's important to be clear - this isn't some kind of miracle system to follow.

Book objectives: 

  1. To give a reasonable sight of what is required with a specific end goal to succeed.
  2. How that is probably going to be done, in the a reduced time-frame.
  3. To expose the significant issues and traps that new traders experience.
  4. The gear that you'll require with a specific end goal to succeed and why (GeeksToy).
  5. Share a portion of the mental perspectives and beliefs needed to win consistently.
  6. Provide a solid base level and startup proceedure for a complete newbie.
  7. To highlight biased behaviour and how important it is to win regularly.
  8. To indicate where the reader can get off to a reliable start, eliminating confusion.

You may have seen some of these topics discussed elsewhere, but this book is here as one coherent document to get you off to the quickest possible start, removing common mistakes and financial pain. Take a look on the link below!

 But don't believe me! See the independent Amazon reviews HERE.


Translated: Portuguese Version Here

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