I'm sure that many went astray... but you know what?
(you can push the video to 1.30) :P


I'M IN! I'M IN!!!

It was a rough enterprise... missed it the first time due to Health/Economic problems (the timing was almost perfect to make me miss it) ;almost lost this one too...I am just returning to work next week after 10 long months of pain and suffering but I was able to provide almost in the last hour, although with some sacrifices, some spare investment capital and got it.

I do consider TT a sound investment in the future, my future. Don't have to praise the SW itself as I think it is already public domain that this is the best, fastest, most customizable, cheapest and with more evolution potential trading app. (you can quote me on that :P )

After a couple of years (made last week) playing around it was about the right time to commit and consider trading a viable source of income to complement the home budget. So being TT my top choice for these 2 years this was the natural next step to take. Albeit I'll have less time I couldn't risk money without having a steady (whatever that means this days in Portugal) supply of it for the family basics.

I'm glad all the pieces came together in just the right time... is it a sign?

I want to publicly thank Mr. Geek for renewing this opportunity and (all) for the solidarity and support provided, in many ways, in my most difficult moments. Some people are not in this just for the money as some try to imply, there is good out there and no money can pay for that.

TT not only provided me entertaining moments for those months stuck in bed, but also some important (although always short) monetary help. Yes it is more profitable to buy the owners license but I feel I owe and have to show my loyalty to Mr. Geek and this community...so here it is, my commitment and public testimonial.

Thanks to all for the good times, advices and company.... I may be somewhat absent in the next few weeks as I have to catchup with a lot of stuff, but I'll always be here.

Wish the best for all!


PS: Sorry for the long post (and "weird" english)... I have a thing for words, never seem enough nor the right ones