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Thread: Time to start of race off by 1 or 2 hours when the clocks change to from DST.

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    Default Time to start of race off by 1 or 2 hours when the clocks change to from DST.

    Just encountered for the first time that for me the AUS horse races are off by 2 hours (the race actually starts around -02:00:00) in the toy. The AUS greyhound races are off by 1 hour.

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    I believe the toy retrieves that info from the api as is... so if something is wrong don't really think that's a bug. Is there a possibility that is due to some daylight saving time setting?

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    Yep. This happens twice a year for one day due to a TimeZone change in Australia I believe.

    It's a bug in the data returned by Betfair and has yet to be fixed by them. I've moved it to known issues & workarounds.

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