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Thread: charging for the toy

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    I want bots!
    The odds of succes dramaticly improve with each attempt

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    Btw I don't like the increasing of the targets. I mean you started with one targets, after you saw that they are fulfilled you increased them by 100% ? I don't really know what are your intentions, but I don't think this is nececery. If you reached your goal why would you increase it ?
    You may decide that these targets are not enough for you too (if they can be reached) and increase them again. I thought that even the 1st targets are too harsh, well I wasn't correct because I didn't count the russians. But now I find em even harded?
    The game is not fair. You had your targets completed. But that wasn't enough. Don't you think its better to stop all this stuff and start charging for the toy, if you really want it? After all you can increase the targets all the time and they wouldn't be never completed?
    The odds of succes dramaticly improve with each attempt

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    Quote Originally Posted by arthur View Post
    Hi All,

    On his splash screen the geek says
    I think the industry is over populated by Blaggers, Chancers and Get Rich Quick marketers who continually make outrageous claims and wave cherry picked winning screen shots & videos in your face in order to sell you some mediocre, or completely rubbish products.

    Now when I question the idea that profits are to be made out of trading he refers me to a clssic"after the event" posting...surely the oldest trick in the book.
    Somebody said that i am a disgruntled failed are absolutely spot on,but at least I have had the guts to admit it to myself that the only winners in gambling are the oddsmakers,software vendors,media pundits and journalist(and lets not forget the tipsters).
    I came on here to explore yet another "angle" for gambling...that of trading..but it doesn't take an einstein that what we are dealing with here is flip of the coin luck and very little else.

    it's a known fact that only 5% of traders make it !!!! the others fall by the wayside, so nobody is saying it's easy, i want to be in that 5% and i don't care how long it takes or how hard i have to try, i am going to do it !!!
    the greatest help on my journey has been the geeks toy, and when! not if!
    i reach that 5% i will donate every month. thanks to the geek and all the positive members of this forum.

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    The Toy is just a tool (and a great one at that) to help you trade on Betfair. It's not going to magically put you in the 5% or whatever that profit. If people only use it because it's free then good riddance, it's an excellent piece of software and helps me immensely every day.

    I'd understand it if The Geek decided to charge for it too by the way. The way some people post you think he's the one who should pay us for making him the favour of using his software

    I agree with LuckyYou though on the point he makes about changing the targets. I mean if you get the level of support you're expecting then fair enough, the community has shown their support. I don't think many people would begrudge you if you decided to charge for it anyway, targets or not.

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    Default the toy

    hey guys,

    First off I just wanted to say thanks to the geek for making the toy free. The toy is the only reason I am trading today and I am really starting to get my trading off the ground now (8 months feels like forever). But the free entry point really let me get in and have a play and find things that work. I was flat broke new born son at the time so I guess the free entry helped me a lot . I put $100 in my BF account and did $5 trades for months every night after work lol.

    But anyway I just wanted to make a suggestion about how the toy could be charged if the geek wanted to go that way. Make the toy free for the first year and then its chargeable after for what ever is decided.

    The reason I suggest the first year free (maybe with a donation to charity at 6 months) is because that entry point helped me I'm sure it will help others get into the trading game, my years nearly up so its a suggestion purely for the noobs. After a year I'm sure most could pay a monthly charge easily with their profits with much left over.

    At the end of the day a donation to charity every so often or a monthly charge works for me I

    Anyway I am really enjoying the new version working like a charm, the toy rocks!!!! A day soon I will be trading full time I've never felt so passionate about a working hard before .


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    start charging dont know why u havent yet

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