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Thread: Plugging The Toy

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    Hello all,

    Just been reading the above, if you are a member of another forum you can add a signature to your posts and help promote the toy.

    In case there are some that don't know how to do this; many forums use either BB code or 'normal' html. Don't be frightened, it's easy to do - see below!

    Ok, so log in to the forum that you are a member of and click the profile or user CP button - or whatever the area is called that allows you to change your personal information.

    When you are in the correct area, look for a link called 'signature' sometimes on the left or scroll down a bit and you may see the signature box already there on your editable profile page.

    It is then just a case of adding the code that you can find here on the BBCode page;


    Which will give a link in your signature that looks something like this...

    The Geeks Toy

    You can change the wording 'The Geeks Toy' to whatever you like, but don't mess with the first part of the code as it will cock things up.

    You current and future posts on the forums in question that you are a member of will now have a signature added to them. Check a few of your old posts or make a new one to make sure it's worked, if it hasn't then maybe the forum uses normal html - in which case that version is below.

    <a href="">The Geeks Toy</a>

    Again you can change the 'The Geeks Toy' part to whatever wording you want, but don't mess with the first part.

    Last but not least, you can use the normal html code above when posting comments on blogs and the like. So if The Geeks Toy is on topic for the blog post in question you can add a link to it thus;

    blah blah blah blah <a href="">The Geeks Toy</a> blah blah blah

    Obviously replacing the blahs with relevant comment. Keep the spacing between the word before and after the code. The words 'The Geeks Toy' will then appear in the comment that you have just made, but will be hyperlinked back to The Geeks Toy website. So you can change these words if you want to be more relevant to the blog post that you are commenting on.

    For my twopenneth worth on the Facebook / Twitter discussion that's been going on... It takes seconds to sign up to twitter / facebook. Even if you have no interest in them other than to help promote The Geeks Toy, it is good karma to do so!


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    Default promoting the toy

    I've been away from trading for a few months now due to personal circumstances and hoping to get back trading very shortly.Like some posters above I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to modern communication media so no facebook twitter and dont belong to other forums(may be registered on betfair forum but never posted there).I am also relatively new to the toy but aware of the benefits and happy to make donations when I get up and running.

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    Default AGT plug on BF forum

    Hi Mr Geek,

    Hope this helps..?

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    Cool thanks. I've pulled the link as sources tell me that one of the commercial vendors is reporting all those posts to Betfair & getting them pulled. The fact yours has lasted 24 hours is because...

    A: It's not on the general betting froum where they frequent.


    B: Because they haven't seen the link here yet.

    Even still, I'm sure they will be on the case as soon as they read this, so I doubt it will last long.

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