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    HI Guys and Girls,
    First day on the forum so sorry if this is the wrong place for the thread. I was wondering if anyone had any betting systems for T20 and IPL? A link pointing me in the right direction is all I need.


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    Hi LostinBKK,

    Welcome to the fourm. Not wishing to be rude, but questions like this from newbies historically don't get any replies. I think mainly because:-

    1) If you search the forum, I am sure you will find some ideas on how to trade cricket and what to look for.

    2) People are not going to give a system to you for free that they have put a lot of effort into.

    I must admit I have not traded cricket much, but it is something I would like to delve deeper into. So my answer is to read around and look at stats on cricinfo for various teams and venues, players, scores, type of wicket etc.

    I mainly trade football, I have a few different strategies, but there is no holy grail that can be applied to everything, you have to practice, study and research. For Football I have a detailed spreadsheet for each league which I update regularly. I put in quite a few hours of work each week.

    So I would learn a certain sport and ask certain questions, not "can you give me a winning system, without me having to do any work please?"

    Good Luck

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