Having problems installing / using the application for the very first time, or find the app starts crashing on start up? Here are a list of the ones I've encountered to date & their solutions.....

1. An error occurs when I try to install the application.

2. I have installed the application successfully, but when I start it up for the first time I get an error / crash.

3. The very first time I try to log into the application I get a message “New user validation error”

4. I am getting an error when trying to submit my details via the Betfair Vendor Software Activation page.

5. I am getting the following crash bug when starting up / logging into the application….

6. When starting the application I am getting one or more of the following errors...

7. I have signed up to the forum with either the same user name or password as my Betfair / Betdaq account.

8. I Can't log in due to a security certificate problem.

9. I am still using Windows XP or Windows Vista

10. When logging in, I am receiving the error "The underlying connection was closed.."