It occured to me tonight that I get a few requests for people wanting to use Geeks Toy on a mac.

Unfortunately The Toy and other Windows applications generally don't support an Apple Mac natively.

I know a number of users that are using either something called Bootcamp, or Virtualisation Software.

Anyways as I know naff all about Betfair trading on a Mac, I had the brainwave of starting a dedicated Sticky thread on the subject.

This thread is here specificly for discussion of running The Toy on an Apple Mac, using whatever you use.

I hope that those who are using Macs can contribute to this thread with how you are doing it personally, and where you Apple Mac geeks can help each other out.

I hope this thread proves informative for everyone who reads it & not just users of The Toy.

EDIT: Apparently there is also Wine support for Macs now so you can run GT without Windows or virtualisation. See this thread.