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Thread: Betfair Trading Software on an Apple Mac OSX.

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    Default Betfair Trading Software on an Apple Mac OSX.

    It occured to me tonight that I get a few requests for people wanting to use Geeks Toy on a mac.

    Unfortunately The Toy and other Windows applications generally don't support an Apple Mac natively.

    I know a number of users that are using either something called Bootcamp, or Virtualisation Software.

    Anyways as I know naff all about Betfair trading on a Mac, I had the brainwave of starting a dedicated Sticky thread on the subject.

    This thread is here specificly for discussion of running The Toy on an Apple Mac, using whatever you use.

    I hope that those who are using Macs can contribute to this thread with how you are doing it personally, and where you Apple Mac geeks can help each other out.

    I hope this thread proves informative for everyone who reads it & not just users of The Toy.

    EDIT: Apparently there is also Wine support for Macs now so you can run GT without Windows or virtualisation. See this thread.

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    Smile BF trading on a Mac

    Well, I'll admit that I do!

    I did look at a native API product for the Mac, but disappointing.

    After trying Parallels I settled on VMware Fusion - with this I can run an emulated Windoze machine, (or Linux, or OS2, etc.). Currently running on a G5 iMac & MacBook Pro.

    Probably the most important consideration is memory, my MacBook Pro is a little limited, with 3GB memory. With AGT1.2 running under Windows 7 I currently use just under 2GB for Windows, the rest for OS X (Mac OS, also called SnowLeopard). AGT looks a little short of memory on occasions, so I will be doing some housekeeping, and adjusting memory allocations to try to improve things.

    Hope that gets us off to a start,,,,,,

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    Good idea, I'm duplicating but its a sticky so why not...

    I use a Macbook Pro, bought in 2009. 2.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8GB RAM, Snow Lepoard.

    No other Virtual Machine experience other than Parallels.

    With this software, you need an ISO of a Windows Operating System. This can either be from a CD/DVD or mounted. I used XP initially, which worked fine. I then switched to Windows 7 which is far superior in my opinion.

    With Parallels, you can run it in Full Screen Windows mode, Windowed mode, or 'Coherence Mode' - which allows you to have a native Mac desktop with the application running over it.

    I prefer Full Screen Windows mode, limited to 2GB RAM, on 'Space 2' (Ctrl>2 hotkey). This enables me to have Windows on my second screen and Mac on my first. Or, if I'm only using the laptop, to switch quickly between them both. When in this mode, it literally feels as if I'm using a standard PC laptop (apart from the rather annoying lack of a 'DEL' button!).

    The performance on the Virtual Machine for the Toy is exactly the same as my Windows XP setup on a PC that I have.

    Any questions welcome.


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    I'm getting on well running The Toy within VMWare on an iMac.

    The VMWare software was only about £40 so it's not too much of a financial stretch.

    I've experienced the odd slowdown while trading the horses but it's hard to tell whether that's VMWare, The Toy or just the Betfair exchange itself.

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    I never used mac, but i use linux sometimes, I use VirtualBox to emulate windows there. Installed Windows XP , and runs pretty fine with geekstoy and anything like browsers and even games with 3D acceleration! VirtualBox is very nice and simple to use, and its FREE!! On Mac maybe be even faster than linux, because its a APPLE super optimized system

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    Recently purchased an MacBook Pro Version 10. 6. 8 with 2.2 Ghz and 4GB of memory which doesnt accept Geeks Toy download. Do have Windows Office installed so I can do all the fancy things on Powerpoint,Excel and Word. I'll try downloading Virtual Box and see if that helps.
    Thanks guys for the above advice.
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