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    Default User Manual

    Just a reminder that at the top of each window is a '?' if you click on that button it will load the Help section for that window.

    You can also find the full set of user manuals here...

    If you then type say 'market depth' into the find box it will go in the document to wherever 'market depth' is found and you are likely to find the answer to your question.

    If you can't find the answer of course just ask...because if you are wondering what the answer is no matter how daft or simple the question is you can be sure someone else will be too!!!

    In addition here are some help videos:

    Introduction video 1:

    Non HD:


    Introduction video 2:

    Non HD:


    Market & API Status Window:

    Non HD:


    Where have my stake buttons gone?:

    Non HD:

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