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Thread: Geeks Toy - Children in Need Charity Fundraiser

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    Default Geeks Toy - Children in Need Charity Fundraiser

    Hello Boys & Girls, I'm back for 1 week only!

    From Today until 21st November, Geeks Toy will be running a charity fund raiser for BBC Children in Need.

    Any donations made by the community from now to the 21st will be going to Children in Need, and I have a few other things lined up, including some cool prizes up for grabs.

    Full details will be announced soon, but in the meantime tightwads, give generously or I may just switch The Toy off!


    PS Press Ctrl+F5 on your browser to see the new site images.

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    Tried to donate via pay pal however will not accept my post code 3011.

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    I think this is a good campaign, would like to thank TG for it (apart from its marvellous software).

    With so many threads announcing lots of interesesting prizes I think we can loose perception and the true goal of this campaign which is raising money for those children. I must recognize I quickly placed my name on a couple of contest before I realized that I had forgotten the main thing:

    To make a donation

    Now that I have donated a small amount I feel better with myself

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    As i said in my blog, i would donate any profits "earned" today to the geeks children in need charity fundraiser, as it was i had to work longer than i thought i would but managed to do the last 4 races at Wolves, lost a small amount in the 1st but made almost £15 in the final 3, i have rounded it up and paid up. Every little helps towards the goal

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    Default Problem with Paypal

    Hi Geek

    There is a few Polish people that are trying to donate but cannot because of problems with paypal so they cannot pay, are there any other options to donate then paypal? (e.g moneybookers)


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