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Thread: Horse Racing in OZ

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    Australia has some major concerns at the moment as the Chinese Government are upset with us for seeking an enquiry into where and how the corona virus emerged from. Seems to have hit a sensitive nerve, with China responding with an 80% tariff on our barley exports, plus its paying special attention to our beef exports, and now looking at how it can hurt us via other exports such as wine, coal and iron ore. Language from China has been anything other than diplomatic. Interesting days ahead as 30% of our total exports go to China.
    On the home front Australia has a death toll of just 100 from the virus. However our external borders and most of our internal borders are shut which is now creating some serious issues as we look at a return to normality. For example I am only allowed to have a maximum of 5 guests at my home at any time and I can only travel up to 150klm from home but cant stay away overnight. So I can travel to a beach at the Gold or Sunshine Coasts but rather than pitch a tent or stay in a motel I must hop back in my car and tootle off back to home. I cant drive or fly interstate unless I agree to be isolated for 14 days so its getting quite frustrating. Our Queensland Government have indicated we will be in this form of lockdown until at least September, so understandably we peasants are contemplating revolting. Tune in next week to find out if the peasants in Queensland are really revolting!!.
    On the punting side this week I have had just 9 bets for 4 winners, 1 second, 1 third and 3 unplaced. The strike rate of 44% is right on the money in terms of expectations.
    The early selections are below and these will be amended, altered etc etc as the late mail and scratchings are discovered.
    Good luck and please stay safe..

    R1 no 1 Tumbler Ridge 3rd
    R2 no 10 Thy Kingdom Come 2nd
    R5 no 13 Plenty Won $9.40
    R7 no 5 Kinane.......looks a good thing here! 3rd

    R1 no 2 Peltzer.. Won $ 7 Overlord is the danger 2nd
    R2 no 3 Tejori
    R3 no 5 Reinvest 2nd
    R4 no 8 New Arrangement 2nd
    R5 no 3 Coruscate Won $4.60
    R7 no 2 Enfleurage

    R1 no 7 Shepard....late mail suggests no 4 Yonkers has a chance here
    R2 no 1 Khoekhoe 2nd
    R3 no 5 Debt' n Deficit 3rd
    R5 no 1 Game Keeper Won $6
    R8 no 2 So Si Bon
    R9 no 1 Hilo

    R2 no 1 Charlton Eddie Won
    R3 no 3 Resortman Won
    R6 no 13 Showmanship Won $2.50
    R7 no 11 Black Ducati 3rd
    R8 no 7 Power of St George

    MR2 no 5 Immortal Love Won $4.30. Lay bet Lost
    MR4 no 12 Alra Oro Won $2.70. Lay Bet Lost
    BR9 no 4 Great Keppell Scr.

    Cheers n Beers
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    Sad story emerged recently. In Australia we are allowed to access our Superannuation up to $10K to enable you to survive through these difficult times. One young man drew out his 10K allocation on a Friday and decided he would gamble over the weekend to try and increase his stake. Monday came and he had lost the lot.
    Our Corona Virus death toll has increased to just 103 and New Zealand with one fifth of our population sits at 22. Remarkable figures when you look elsewhere. Authorities are still very nervous here about a second wave and we have Four States and One Territory where the borders are locked down. In Queensland where I am located we have our borders locked down and we can only travel 150klm away from home and cannot stay overnight when away from home. Pain in the bum really as our risk level here is next to zero. Still relaxations are occurring in numbers allowed into cafes and shops and with a bit of luck pubs and clubs will reopen shortly with a max number of 50 patrons. Not many I know but at least its a step back in the right direction.
    Biggest losers are those in the travel industry here as tourists cannot enter Queensland unless they go into a 14 day lockdown first and even the locals cant go any further than 150Klm so our tourism industry is on the brink of collapse.
    Hopefully I will have better news next month.
    On the personal punt this week I have had 22 bets resulting in 6 winners, 2 seconds, and 6 thirds with eight unplaced.
    To pass the time here I have been replacing joists and decking on a 20 year old deck that sits over a gully between the back fence and rear garden. Each joist weighs 62 kgs and there are nineteen of the buggers to take off and replace so its been a slow job as I'm doing it slowly. So far 14 joints have been replaced so hopefully I can do the last 5 tomorrow plus two small ones where the steps are. After that down goes the rubber joist protectors and then on goes the charcoal coloured Ecodecking and that should be it apart from some fiddly bits. Updates tomorrow will occur late in the day providing I survive the day!
    Here are the early selections which of course will change as the late mail and scratchings are known early tomorrow morning AEST.

    R1 no 10 Gin N Bitters
    R3 no 2 Oriental Runner 3rd
    R4 no 1 Gotta Kiss 3rd
    R5 no 4 Celestrial Falls..2nd....Rocha Clock No 1 is a serious danger here
    R7 no 4 Another Dollar 3rd
    R8 no 3 Dawn Passage Won $2.30
    R9 no 1 Fiesta

    R1 no 1 Anders Won $3.30
    R2 no 2 Ready to Humble 3rd
    R3 no 9 Sally's Day
    R4 no 2 Sure Knee 2nd
    R5 no 8 Fituesse 2nd
    R6 no 6 Miss Einstein
    R8 no 8 Mr Dependabale. 6 True Detective Won $5.70 is always a chance in these type of races.
    R9 no 6 Adelong Won $2

    R1 no 6 Crystal Chief 3rd
    R2 no 1 Lanken Star 4th
    R4 no 4 Right You Are Won $3.30
    R5 no 7 Gododdin
    R7 no 6 Sikorsky 2nd
    R8 no 12 Jumbo Ozaki 4th

    R2 no 4 Condor Heroes Scr
    R3 no 1 Dunbar Won $2
    R8 no 8 The Velvet King 2nd
    R9 no 6 Picture Perfect Won $2.60

    SR5 no 1 Noble Boy Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won
    Bel R8 no 15 Victoria Star

    Cheers n Beers
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