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Thread: Horse Racing in OZ

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    Temujin - I didn't bother to look how Betfair dealt with that specific race as I had made my money (or so I thought) and moved on to the next. I don't really look at my P&L intra day so didn't pick up on the fact they voided the market. But it was none the less a good example of how this all is happening.

    Charles - I would suggest re-reading both Temujin's post and mine that explain what is happening as your most recent reply would appear to suggest you have misunderstood what is happening. As Temujin has said they are betting into the "pre-race" exchange market, they aren't touching the SP. The SP being wildly different to what it should be had Betfair done their job correctly is a by product and just a useful reference point to show the impact these people (person) is having on the runners.

    I personally don't subscribe to any of the theories that Betfair are doing something devious etc etc other than they just are being incompetent and worse of all don't even realise they are being so and hence peddle out the line that they suspend markets as the race starts. They clearly aren't but they just don't realise that as the left hand isn't talking to the right hand.

    If either of you have access to an analogue radio feed have a listen to that and compare it to the TV feeds and also to Betfair going inplay. That is where the advantage lies. It has been said that the analogue radio feed is even at times ahead of the oncourse PA systems amazingly. I know some people are now even paying people who access to the analogue radio feed to relay that feed to them around the world!

    Sky Racing Radio online was even ahead of Betfair for some time for us folks in the UK, unfortunately that feed is now geo-blocked but that used to be a couple of seconds ahead of Betfair and the feeds they were using.

    As I said in my previous post, this isn't anything new and it isn't restricted to Oz racing, or even horse racing. The issue has been around since day one of Betfair, it is why we now have people flying drones at UK racecourses from public footpaths so that they aren't breaking the law. You will also often see at UK tracks several spotters located around the racecourse outside of the tracks land, sometimes perched up ladders or even trees. They then either use what they are seeing for their own or their teams use relaying the info or just take the easy option of selling the feeds to inplay punters for considerable amounts of money.

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    Thanks PDC.
    Have reread the posts and yes I did misunderstand the issue.
    All good and thanks again guys for your input and observations.

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    Another weekend of racing looms as Australia continues to struggle with the Covid-19 scenario. Very hard to keep pace with the constant shuffling of rules and regulations of what one can and can't do. Queensland now has open borders, however if you come from Victoria then you cant enter unless you are prepared to quarantine for 14 days at your cost and expense. South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania still have borders closed but the latter is about to open shortly to all other States and Territories, except its closest neighbour Victoria where cluster outbreaks have occurred because of mass gatherings, and the actions of some security guards that were paid to ensure those in quarantine remained in quarantine. Problem was some security guards like to party so an invitation to pick up some grog and join some quarantine parties was too much of a temptation. Sleeping with the those in quarantine could be seen as keeping a close watch on the detained, however the resultant cluster outbreak has now some 600,000 people in suburbs around the north of Melbourne locked down for a month. On top of that the security firm involved allegedly invoiced the Vic Government for extra "ghost"security guards. Needless to say there are some very pissed off Victorians now in lockdown. Don't think the Victorian Government, which has announced a judicial inquiry into the ballsup, will be using that particular security firm again, for a very long time.
    COVID -19 INSANITY: Victoria has today announced that it will not tolerate refusals from individuals who don't want to be tested for Covid-19. So if you say no you don't want to be tested you will receive the sum of $1500 if you change your mind. Meanwhile the Victorian Police have announced that anyone that has'nt got a bullet proof excuse why they are not at home in the lockdown areas then they will receive an on the spot fine of $1100. Work that out because I can't, and yes that is a true story.
    NEWSFLASH: There's a newsflash on my tv screen that says 10,000 Victorians refuse to take covid test! Wonder why!!

    As you can see in the above posts there has been a lively and very interesting discussion regarding a loophole that appears to exist with Betfair. I am indebted to both Temujin and PDC for their respective inputs. Such discussions are always most welcome on this site.
    Personal punting this week has been a bit on the quiet side. Just 14 bets resulting in 5 winners, 2 seconds and 7 unplaced. Still struggling to get the strike rate up to an acceptable level, however at 36% its getting closer.
    Here are the early selections and these will be updated once the final scratchings and late mail are discovered.
    Trust you and yours are staying safe during these troubling times.

    Racing start times are as follows:
    First Race starts 11.35am Saturday Australian Eastern Standard Time. (Randwick)
    02.35am Saturday British Summer Time
    Last Race starts 6.55pm Saturday Australian Eastern Standard Time.
    9.55am Saturday British Summer Time. (Belmont)

    R1 no 1 Jabali 6 Sense of Honour is the late mail Won $2.45
    R2 no 4 Lord Belvedere Won $3.30
    R3 no 1 Cherry Tortoni... Won $2.70....each way danger value here is No 2 Narvaez
    R4 no 1 Persan Won $2
    R5 no 3 Rich Charm
    R7 no 2 Smoke Bomb
    R8 no 2 Heptagon
    R9 no 1 Splendoronthegrass

    R4 no 4 Matowi 2nd
    R5 no 3 Lashes
    R6 no 3 Elaborate 3rd

    R1 no 9 Garribaldi 2nd
    R2 no 4 Galtero
    R4 no 2 Amicita 2nd

    R1 no 9 Just Under 4th
    R2 no 1 Surveillance
    R4 no 1 Wrinkly.. 3rd .no 8 Showmanship Won is the late mail
    R6 no 4 Boomtastic 3rd
    R7 no 4 Indian Pacific 3rd
    R8 no 8 Uncle Dick 3rd
    R10 no 14 Serenity Bay 3rd

    MR2 no 3 Chapada Started $3.30 second Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay bet Won
    SR7 no 9 Threeood Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won

    Cheers 'n' Beers
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